Yes, Bruce was and is an athletic hero, but to call him a hero for transitioning into a “woman” is an insult to genuine heroes. Heroes are brave women and men with high ideals who risk their own safety to help others, not themselves. Calling Jenner a “hero” tarnishes the title for people who actually EARNED it – like Susan B Anthony, Martin Luther King, Sally Ride, Rosa Parks, Gloria Steinem, and many who served in the armed forces. Having a sex change is like having plastic surgery – it’s something you do for yourself to make YOURSELF happier. And everybody is free to do it. Bruce egotistically claimed on TV “I’m going to change the world.” He’s changing HIS world. It’s nice to see Bruce following his dreams, but they are hardly heroic.


36 thoughts on “BRUCE JENNER IS NO HERO

  1. Janet, you’re just pissed that Bruce will be a better looking woman than you are.

  2. At first, I saw the show with mixed reaction because I had earlier seen the Wendy Williams show where she had given her opinion about what Bruce was going through and felt that, bottomline, he was a famewhore. Why? For the last several weeks we have all seen pictures and headlines of his youngest daughter 17 year old Kyle going through several surgical transformations: bigger lips, bigger breasts, bigger butt, etc dressing more provocatively, dating a 25 year old rapper Tyga who has a child from another woman, etc and she is reportedly upset about what Bruce is going through & is unhappy and drawing attention to herself. The stepson Rob is also going through something as he has gained a lot of weight and is reportedly struggling with depression. Now Rob is not his son but I think he really liked Bruce. I think Bruce WAITED until he was financially set to safely come out as a transgender and then did so. That to me is NOT heroic. He benefitted from Keeping Up With the Kardashians and sold himself out to make $$$. Did he think of his younger children? Why continue having children if he knew years ago this is what he wanted to do? He has a total of 6 biological children from previous marriages. There are people that are transgender that want to come out and will NOT have the financial cushion that millionaire Bruce Jenner has. How about that poor woman that recently lost her life because he crashed into her? I think this family are narcisstic people. Bruce has other more important things to work on before this, his car accident, his daughter Kylie, etc. But he wanted attention for himself.

  3. Nothing is sick. What should happen is that all publicity and $$$ going to every member of the family from public exposure should stop. Let them go and live in their perverted worlds without the benefit of the public being involved.

  4. i totally agree with wendy williams……he took hormones for 5 years… years ago yet stopped and continued on through 2 more marriages and more kids….AND his transition will be televised on E…….sell out.

    he is one of the lucky wealthy ONES WHO CAN AFFORD this no problem….that is HUGE. i guess chastity bono did the same thing as bruce more or less except a few of her friends loaned her the money to have an operation…..

  5. You’re right and the public is buying this rubbish. I’m ashamed how gullible and easily duped the public is. This fame whore hero needs to go to jail for manslaughter.

  6. How messed up is THIS. I always wanted to be a women; I’m attracted to women sexually and I’m not a homosexual??? WHAT????

    BARF? IMHO this epitomizes how screwy we’ve become?

  7. You are spot on Janet! Thank you for telling it like it really is! I have many transgendered friends in my life. None have been so self centered as Bruce is portrayed. He’s a non issue as far as I am concerned. NEXT?

  8. I agree one hundred percent. A hero is not only concerned with his own selfish needs and wants. I don’t think Bruce will be any happier, and I think if he does do the final snip he will regret it. He came across as utterly phony and totally confused in that stupid interview. And he insulted Diane Sawyer to boot. I don’t believe his family is behind him 100 percent either. Most of them are deadbeats and are waiting for their share of his money. Brody, his claim to fame is being an entitled douchebag, no matter how cute he is.

  9. Totally agree, Janet. I don’t care if he wants to change his gender. But, he is sadly mistaken if he thinks he is going to have ANY heroic impact. He’s no hero, just narcissistic and self absorbed.

  10. Janet for the first time in a long time I agree with you 100%. This is s sick egotistical man who fell to the dark side. The entire world is going to hell. People are making this to be the second coming and woe to anyone who disagrees with it. The gay mafia will be out on that person in force. A few days ago a restaurant in NYC hosted a dinner for Republican Ted Cruz. The gay men’s chorus and another group cancelled their reservations because they hosted the dinner. Suddenly traditional values have become a dirty word and the media is allowing one percent of the population to dictate to the rest of the country. If people are in the NYC area please Google the restaurant and give them your business.

  11. He can shove his javelin up his arse. If he were not famous, we wouldn’t be hearing this crap to distract us from what’s really newsworthy. Who cares? .He’s not a hero. he’s a narcissist.QVC and HSN, here he/she comes!!!!!

  12. There are still a lot of ignorant and negative comments that I am seeing, and it tells me that most of you don’t understand what being transgender means. He is famous and people want to know his story, and if that brings him more fame and money so be it.

    Many people seem to totally miss the fact that this isn’t something easy to deal with and even harder when you are in the public eye. He clearly had struggled with this for so many years, yet all you can see is that he is seeking more attention.

    He probably would prefer to not be out in the public with this, but what choice does he have? It’s better to come out and speak about his struggles and then its out in the open and he doesn’t sit with the worry and possibly end up killing himself.

    Not one of you have actually lived this story, nor have you actually really thought about what all the issues are for someone who goes through this. I’m embarrassed for your comments, as you would otherwise seem like thoughtful and intelligent people.

  13. I’m with Tony and JAC. Why didn’t Bruce get arrested or charged with something when he slammed into that car and killed the driver?
    Is this more of the cops in California are impressed with celebrities, and celebrities walk when they commit crimes?

  14. My sex change took place years ago in the privacy of the Colorado mountains. A bear bit off my member and IRL I go by Stroma!

  15. The interview as well as the upcoming docuseries is to earn money and garner public sympathy for what surely is going to be a a jury trial or HUGE settlement for Ms. Howe’s estate.

  16. Clear and concise, Janet. And most of your commenters are spot on too. If his public revelations make it easier for others to transition, that’s fine. But he’s no hero. He is just a one-time athlete who married into a family that’s rich beyond belief on skanky money.

  17. I agree with 97% of what you said. It isn’t the same as plastic surgery. It just isn’t. Not even in the same ballpark but anyway. We can disagree on that point.

    However, everything else is spot on.

  18. Whew! I’m relieved the majority see Bruce as a famewhore. It’s true. He’s a very selfish person. Bruce only thinks about himself. He happily lived as a man using his manhood to father many male children. Walked out on his kids to continue using the joy and pleasure of his manhood to be with other wives. Then, lo and behold, he looks up, and he’s 65 years old. So now it’s time to make his move to get something else he wants. Bruce wants to cut off his manhood to become a biological woman? Sickest self-serving crap I’ve ever heard in my entire life.




    No, I’m big fat slob Strom, no life, going nowhere, nothing to do except dish complete strangers on the internet.

  20. There but for the grace of God go I. Can’t imagine what it would be like to be in his position but it must be a kind of hell. Should he have married and fathered children, well his kids seem to love him, support him and his ex-wives appear to care about his well being. Now if they are doing it strictly for show and the children to secure their inheritance we will never know for sure. And did he call himself a hero or is that a label put on him by others which is not his fault. Do believe he is making a huge mistake if he follows through with a reality show highlighting his physical transformation. How much more does the public need to know and see where it’s of further value to anyone except for Bruce’s ego and pocketbook? I am very surprised he didn’t go low profile for a long time following that horrific accident where he appears to be solely at fault. Maybe his public coming out is in part to take the focus away from that poor lady’s death. Not working for me.

  21. Janet,

    Now we have the little imposter going into what might be a transgender breakdown and verbally assaulting posters, left and right. Obviously his/her/its mental stability is not your concern but its behavior on your blog certainly should be.

    Isn’t it time to send it back to the Call Center and let it back only under its own name?

  22. Where Bruce would get more sympathy is if he chose to become whatever he wanted to be outside the eye of the public and not Kardashian style.

  23. Thank you Darren, you said exactly what I was thinking. I’m with you. I only have love for Bruce.

  24. Am I the only one that thinks he looks like Janice Dickenson now..?

  25. I also agree with Darren. furthermore, I’m extremely tired of seeing Janet lash out at transgendered individuals (calling them “trannies” and worse). I’m done with this stupid site.

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