britcutcarbf.jpgNever a dull day in Britney Spears’ life. She’s been heavily photographed with the Cro-Magnon type shown above who MIGHT be a bodyguard, trainer or paramour, depending on Brit’s mood. At the same time Britney’s drug counselor named John Sundahl has spilled the beans “We’re a couple” to the Enquirer. Sundahl ,38, went on to document their romantic time together and says Kevin Federline has subpoenaed him to testify in their custody battle. But if you saw the photo of Sundahl in the Enquirer you’d laugh – the blonde golf shirt clad “dad” looking guy is NOT Britney’s type. All we know is, the guy in this photo is NOT John Sundahl – so who IS he?

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  1. what normal guy would date her? and what is a date with her like? sex before appetizers or right after?

  2. Anything Britney touches is filthy, full of parasites, dung and vomit.

  3. It’s the manny that saved SPF from hitting the pavement.. duh. Poor guy has to smell and sit near her grungy person.

  4. Please do not insult our intelligence. Even we smut-loving gossip hounds are way beyond caring who or what Shitney is doing

  5. Who CARES who he is?
    She is a piece of TRASH, a PIG.
    I can’t believe all the press she continues to get….truly, what does she have going for her? Money, and that’s it…I wish she’d hurry up and burn thru it all and finally go away. FAR away.

  6. Can’t wait for her to be flat broke, and then call her mama to borrow some money.

  7. Britney is a sleeze ball that needs her poor babies taken until she sobers up!

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