Brandyandcutrani_550%23314B0F.jpgLast year nobody had much to say about Brandy Norwood or her brother Ray, but lately they’ve become two of the most infamous people on the internet! First, Brandy caused a pile-up on the freeway that tragically killed a woman. Now Ray J has released his explicit sex tape with Kim Kardashian, and he thinks we’re dumb enough to believe it was done by a third party. Maybe he needs the money to help pay for Brandy’s lawyer. How are their parents dealing with all this? Mom Sonja Norwood manages her kids careers so we wonder if she was in on the tape release. It MAY prove to be profitable, but is it worth it?

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  1. I still can’t get Brandy out of my head when she was PUNK’D and took off from the cops! Now she’s at it again!
    As for her brother, I hope he has a big piece 😉

  2. Bro has stopped giving the golden shower to Kim and now is giving it to Whitney,,,doesnt say much for either….Brandy has as much business out driving as a looney tune in her condition…doesnt say much for people who buy their music or worship them and even less for the mother.

  3. The sex tape is a terrible idea.
    Both parties should have done everything possible to prevent their private exploits from becoming part of the public domain.

  4. they’re both gross. you know when brandy got pregnant, she lied and told everyone she was married…and named her baby girl Sy’rai. maybe thats eubonics for Sorry.,
    I can see how Whitney Houston completely fits into that family.
    nobody is embarassed by anything anymore. its a free for all.
    what a complete effing disaster..

  5. Sonia Norwood is one nasty piece of work — I worked on two Brandy projects at ATCO and I have never heard a good work said about her.

  6. What Brandy did was an accident. Her fault, but an accident.
    Her low-life brother is trying to make a buck off of having sex…..hmmmm…..that’s what a porn star does.
    His mother must be so proud!

  7. The sex tape was planned. Probably helped orchestrated by Paris to jump start Kim’s career. It smells as fishy as Kim’s vagina. Besides, Kim is too late. Most people dislike Paris and see her as a tramp. Kim won’t be able to benefit from what Paris gained even though Kim is the pretty one without the droopy eye and herpes. But then again, Kim might have herpes too if she’s hanging with the same people Paris has.
    It’s also funny that Paris if friends with Kim as Paris despises blacks.

  8. Kim is gorgeous and her sex tape is making her a name but what the hell does she do? The tape is a professional job.

  9. I think that Kim K released the tape…..its funny I never even heard about the tape until last week when she went on E News to say “There might be a tape but its not for sale”.

  10. Both of these two idiots have no talent. When you refer to yourself as “Brandy’s Brother,” then that should tell you something!

  11. Dear Diary,
    Damn that Anna Nicole! She was really, really old, but why did she have to die now and take all of the attention from me? I will have to release another tape now, maybe the one of Farnsworth Bentley sticking Diddy’s umbrella in my ass. I’ll have to ask Paris what else to do. At least I am still cute.
    Love, Princess Peepee

  12. i dont get it, both paris, kim, and ray j live close to the san fernando valley, the porn capital of the world. why not go there and make a whole series?
    i heard a rumor that that particular sex tape was filmed by a was planned and professionally done… i think the superstar kim thing is her idea.

  13. im thinking that these fools and the other fools in the recent news for their inexplicable retardedness are thanking the stars that anna nicole died. all the attention is off of them.

  14. What are people here doing comenting saying horrible things about others? This is insane and it amounts to jealousy. Take a look at your own life. At least give a view instead of hate-spanking comen, gees it sucks

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