Wow. Angelina Jolie must REALLY despise Brad Pitt. She filed for divorce in 2016 and she has dragged him back into court numerous times- mostly to settle custody issues -so the divorce is still happening. Brad was just given joint custody of the kids, but Angelina plans to object and keep the court fight going strong. Is Brad paying for BOTH their expensive legal teams during this process? It’s sickening to imagine how much this SIX YEAR legal battle is costing! Brad has also put his personal life on hold – note that he has been careful NOT to be seen with any other women. He doesn’t want to agitate Angelina any more than she already is. Brad must look back at his simple and civilized divorce from Jennifer Aniston quite fondly these days…

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  1. The children are the losers. I don’t mean to be judgmental, but Brad cheated on his wife and left her for a crazy woman. He is dealing with the aftermath of poor decisions. I don’t particularly care for either of these two. But the children are innocent victims of bad parenting on both sides.

  2. The poor children. So confused. All from different parts of the world. Longing for home

  3. Has Angie gone back to major lez action? Is she trying to break up Jenny Shimizu’s lez marriage and recapture her?

  4. She’s disturbed, even her father says she is mentally ill. And absolutely detests Brad Pitt.

    She wanted a nomad lifestyle where she could play world philanthropist, but Pitt wanted the kids to have a stable home life where they could learn to make friends outside of the wandering family.

    She will drag this out as long as she can. He will keep fighting if to see his children.

    He chose his partner/wife poorly.

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