Bob Dylan is in the news this week because he sold his songwriting catalog to Universal. There was some discussion that he had so many disgruntled ex-girlfriends and children (exactly how MANY children is unknown) that he could use the money. It brought back memories of a night backstage at the Palace theater in Hollywood in the early 90’s when we were outside Jerry Lee Lewis’s dressing room backstage and Bob Dylan had a path cleared by bodyguards so he could walk in ahead of us. He actually looked so unwashed and scuzzy that we quickly stepped back – and out of his way. In those days Bob was a bigtime womanizer and known as a chubby chaser. He had a penchant for pretty black women who were obese, and had a string of them all over town. Maybe some were backup singers, but most were ordinary secretaries and schoolteachers. He wasn’t very sociable so we wondered how he found them (no internet in those days!)

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA

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