bisexual rocker

This rockin’ young couple’s marriage is in big trouble but not for the obvious reasons. The cute wife has been seen out and about with a Hollywood hipster and her husband is looking to beat the guy up. Actually the hipster is NOT fooling around with the wife – he’s just providing drugs and fun. In reality the wife is secretly cheating with someone else- specifically her lookalike female assistant! She recently decided she’s bisexual.

19 thoughts on “bisexual rocker

  1. Easy one……..
    Avril Lavigne!
    Oh, Janet, why would you call that mutt face cute? Is good taste really dead?

  2. Definitely Avril Lavigne.
    Brandon Davis is the “Hollywood Hipster” and he is a KNOWN druggie…yuck.

  3. Avril, but can she afford an assistant these days?

  4. Old news. I heard years ago that her skater “lifestyle” was just an act, and that she’s bisexual/gay. One of the rumors is that someone walked in on her with a girl and her publicist had to pay him off to keep him from selling the story to the tabloids. I’ve also read quite a few posts by girls who say that Avril hit on them.
    The feeling I get is that Avril is gay and the husband is a beard but doesn’t know it.

  5. I say Pink and Corey….but they’re back together now

  6. I will offer that I never see Avril and Derek in the tabloids and days after this was posted they were in the NYPOST holding hands…just sayin’

  7. Simple.
    Young rocker Michelle Obama (look, she’s on the cover of another magazine!) and her pissed off hubby Barack.

  8. WTF!

  9. Even though…I am not Bisexual! This people can have there cake and eat it too…To each there own and to thy self be true…People do what they do and some people are just attracted to both men and woman and that is life…The whole world can’t be the same! What ever moves them and grooves them. It is there Drama and lust that moves a person to go in both Directions.

  10. It is okay to be happy and have your cake and ice cream and something to wash it down with…. Some people can’t make up there mind what they want and just say everything under the Sun and that means they are Double Dippers? Instead of skippers?

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