BEYONCE: no thanks

We’re going out on a limb here, but this photo looks to us like it’s time for Beyonce to stand up to her mother and say “Please don’t make any more dresses for me!” Not that her mother isn’t a talented designer – it’s just that Beyonce had graduated to the world of luxury couture and THAT is not whipped up by your mother. Especially for the premier of your first starring movie. This baby blue scallopy confection wrapped up in a big bow that Beyonce wore to the LA premier of Dreamgirls looks like it might have come from a bridal shop in downtown Los Angeles. If mom didn’t make it, she should have vetoed it.

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37 thoughts on “BEYONCE: no thanks

  1. Janet – your scouts have lead you astray. Beyonce’s, I think, gorgeous creation is by Eli Saab of Halle Berry Oscar gown fame…

  2. Again, her mother di not create this gown. It is by Eli Saab. He is famous for the gown Halle Berry wore when she won the Oscar.

  3. Don’t know the designer, typically hate wedding dresses, and don’t even like Beyonce, but I think the dress looks great, and Beyonce in it.

  4. Next time do your research first . This way you and your staffers can avoid sticking your foot so far into your mouth that it comes out of your ^&$^&%

  5. It is in fact Eli Saab, but it does resemble one of her mother’s prom dress creations. It’s too much with the big Easter bow-it would be much better without it. Eli Saab is usually much more understated and less costumey.

  6. Ugly. Are those implants!?
    Can’t stand that heffa she’s soooo over-exposed.
    TEAM J-HUD!!!!

  7. This gown cost $23,000 and I think she looks flawless. Her motehr has stopped dressing her over a year ago,

  8. Then she spent 22,000 too much. Price is not a measure of taste, or a promise of class. It looks like a teen prom dress from Dillard’s.

    The damn dress is one big mess.
    ………WTF is wrong w/you people??
    Stay in your cubicles, and stick to PEREZ, jackass.

  10. The dress is no worse than typical Beynce Knowles attire.
    This girl is goofy and annoying.

  11. The Elie Saab Fall 2006 collection is full of monstrosities llike Beyonce’s. I think she make have picked the best of the bunch!

  12. The dress would have been cute if she had lost the bow, cute the length (the train). Plus, one of her breast is about to go AWOL. Where were the garment’s foundations?

  13. At least she’s not out spreading her pantyless crotch ala Spears.

  14. no, no…it is a very publicized Eli Saab – fact.
    Please let’s all show the manners and dignity that hopefully we were raised with and conduct yourselves accordingly. Cease the negativity and cruel comments on a woman who has never wished you ill. We’re all just trying to by in this world the best we can.
    p.s. congratulations to Miss Knowles who is nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actress in “Dream Girls”

  15. Beyonce is trash,so anything she wears turns to trash.Tacky Vile Ghetto trash.

  16. Thank you for your well informed opinion. Please remember the karma that comes with it is always mutiplied three times so I hope it was worth it.

  17. Girl my daughter be some talented kool-aide,dont be talkin no greasy chicken talk bout my girl.she can sing,maybe shes off key and cant hit dem notes but she dem trys hards.ands i makes her dresses real pretty likes,sews dem all nights long,damm girl,my daughter makes da money so me and her daddy can spend like we”s rich iz gots to go to drink my champagne and ripple.

  18. 2:21 pm, you’re a bit psycho about Beyonce Knowles.
    Please note, not everyone shares your infactuation for this young.. woman…..

  19. Janet, honey….get some new lenses for your glasses…
    I LOVE this look on Beyonce. This woman can practically wear anything and look stunning. I was awestruck when I saw this goregous dress.
    Girl, get with the program.

  20. For the record that dress was not designed by her mother it was designed by “Elie Saab” So please get you facts straight before you comment on something that your not sure of.

  21. I don’t care if it’s Elie Saab or Ralph Lauren–it’s still horrible prom fashion. It could have been one of her mother’s creations.

  22. Gutter trash dress for a gutter trash gurl. Her mom was behind this dress no doubt! Cheap, dollar store ghetto.. yeap house of derrier!

  23. LOVE the dress with Beyonce in it. Did not like it when I saw it on the run way and I did not like the copy worn at Miss USA last summer. Eli Saab can do some strange designs, so I actually hated this dress all year but WHEN I saw it on Beyonce the other night; Perfection, adorable and just charmingly perfect for DREAMGIRLS Premier.
    This gown was perfect for a Movie Premier about the l960’s and that’s why Beyonce chose it. She’s adorable in it and YES, those are her real boobs.

  24. wether u like the dress or not, it still shows the designer is a genious… for its” extravagance” its flashy glittering color and material are an exact match for the client! the bow is the touch that makes it all clear…this is no queen Saab is dressing this is just a … a.. beyonc?lol

  25. Don’t know why made it and don’t care cause its truly monstrous. She paid 22,999 too much for it. What a God awful frock

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