We just can’t let this incident with Better Midler pass. She happens to be funny and smart and enjoys tweeting her observations of humanity. Recently she mused “Now that ‘I Am Cait’ has been cancelled, will she go back to being Bruce?” She was bombarded by hate mail from supposedly OFFENDED readers (mostly millennials, we suspect.) What’s WRONG with you people? Are you just SCOURING the internet for reasons to be outraged? There is no bigger supporter of gay and LGBT rights than Better Midler. She was simply making fun of the LENGTHS people go to so they can appear on reality shows. She was forced to APOLOGIZE, but ended it with “I seem to have misread the temper of the times.” And we agree – we are sick and tired of all those humorless and hostile jerks who like to “take offense” for every little thing. Get a life!

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  1. I don’t understand the world I am living in. Angry people. Offended people. Pro this and anti that. Making a joke about sex change? When did jokes start being picked apart? People need to lighten up. Judgmental people to the left and to the right. Telling you what you are saying wrong, but not accepting or apologizing their own BS.

  2. ha, doesn’t feel good to be attacked does it liberal?

  3. Wait wait wait…..Liberals cheered this “FEELINGS BS” from the roof tops. Now that the ugly PC monster has grown, in obscene proportions, you cry foul? Thanks LIBs for opening pandora’s box.

  4. ms midler never needs to apologize. ever.
    they should apologize to her.

  5. It’s still open season on WHITES. You can kill a white person in the street while shouting racial slurs and it’s STILL not a hate crime.

  6. You are SO RIGHT, Janet! It seems like someone is apologizing for things that were only meant as a joke. I wish Joan Rivers was still around because she would (and did) tell these people what to do with their “”offended” asses! What next? I don’t want to know!

  7. I get a kick out of Midler. Love the voice. She dislikes the Kardashians and so do I.

    Cait/Bruce Jenner doesn’t seem to be as supporting of Gay/Lesbian/Transgenders as he should want to be and need to be. He is all about himself. I think he should change his name to Kardashian now.

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