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Yikes! Kathy Griffin wasn’t exaggerating when she said she’s had tons of plastic surgery! We just saw these photos of Kathy from her 1976 yearbook and we wouldn’t have recognized her in a million years! Teenage Kathy was a cheerleader in high school and we’re betting she was loads of fun, but she was no beauty queen. When she was 26 she got her first nose job and started the self – improvement ball rolling. We have to give her credit for making herself over – at 51 she looks much better than she did as a teen!


  1. Oi, oi, oi, is she by chance, related to Sandra Bernhart? Even with all her skin stretching and multitude of nips and tucks, she sure hasn’t made herself to be much more than 5, maybe a 6, on the OL’ WOW FACTOR scale!!

    On another note, there are obviously a lot of lame people in the world that find her funny, because she sure seems to be staying relevant a long time. She is more obnoxious than funny. IMO

  2. Good for her. I’m sure her self-esteem needed it. She looks OK for her age and she seems happy. Obnoxious or not, she did persevere and created a career that gave her more money, fun and exposure. Well done.

  3. She looks like Jimmy Durante in a Queen Elizabeth (the first one) wig. 🙂

    But funny looks aside, who could forget how Kathy DESTROYED her husband Matt on TV—and in the press? Her personality is VILE, and no amount of surgery will fix that. 🙁

    “Cheerleader”: Proof that her HS squad had at least one “mercy slot.” 🙂

  4. Unfortunate looking before, unfortunate looking now. She is always posing half naked, and she is hideous. The latest Rolling Stone cover was just gross.

  5. She looked like Larry Fine of the Three Stooges before the plastic surgery. Nothing wrong with that.

  6. Redheads are always hot.
    But mouthy ones are frightening.
    Much prefer the passive ones.

  7. Would much prefer her to be paid the over the top salary and replace Chelsea on the E channel – at least Kathy is funny.

  8. LOL @missy, she does look like Larry Fine (my favorite Stooge) in that photo.

    Of course the 70s hair and clothes flattered none of us.

  9. Both the foul mouth’s that are supposed to be funny but have no class, especially for a female always turn out to be jews. Griffin, Handler, Bernhardt….amazing isn’t it!

  10. I think she’s funny and in her memoir she details how the surgeries almost killed her.

  11. Kathy DESTROYED her husband Matt on TV—
    Let’s not forget how many thousands he stole out of her bank account when she was sleeping.

  12. I’m sorry, I don’t agree she is aging well. She already looks like she’s had too much “done”. I find it pathetic when people over 50 keep trying to pose in skimpy outfits, it’s just sad. Madonna springs to mind also.

  13. americans still dont see it?

  14. This woman is the devil. She’s made numerous disparaging remarks about Christianity, making fun of it, and I turn the channel whenever I see her on TV.

  15. Griffith, Bill Maher and S.Bernhart are EVIL.
    If you look at their faces…can’t help but
    think even GOD has a sense of Humor.

  16. #1 ever notice how Bill Maher painted his top teeth black when he had his show. Check it out if you can. I can’t remember if it was for his HBO show or the low channel one.

    #2. Oh, Kathy….if you only learned the benefit of running/jogging, you would of saved SO much money AND we would of seen you flaunt your body ages ago as opposed to NOW when no one cares(and you are not alone there. Here’s a clue for us old broads……”SETTLE.” We must settle for what’s willing to sleep with us). You better call back up that ex husband of yours. It’s not like 15g’s or whatever he took matters when compared to getting some sexxy time action!


  17. I think I understand what “Glo” Vanderbilt sees in her. But Anderson went down quite a few notches when he says what a pretty cool person she is. I guess Kathy and Anderson are like sisters now?

  18. Kitty, me neither. I would not go see her stand up routine if it was free, as I have heard she uses terrible language. The only time she was sort of funny was when she was on Seinfeld and she called him the devil in her comedy routine. Anyone remember that?

  19. Between her and Chelsea Handler I can’t guess who is the greater untalent.

  20. Apparently being a Hateful Lib/Democrat is the only criteria for getting your own show, even if nobody is watching….Joyless, Maher, Handler….

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