They don’t want you to know it, but it looks like Beck and his wife of two years Marissa Ribisi are expecting again. Devout Scientologists, the pair were highly secretive about their marriage and the birth of their first child. (Marissa is Giovanni Ribisi‘s twin sister.) They never disclosed the due date of their first baby, Cosimo Henri, and the actual birth date is unknown. Like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, the exact LOCATION of the first birth is also unknown – possibly it happened at home. Marissa has been seen around town wearing loose maternity tops with a distinct tummy so we can only predict the baby will come early next year.

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29 thoughts on “BECK'S GOT A SECRET

  1. I never knew that Beck is a $cientologist. I was wondering why he still has a career after having no hits for years and years.

  2. beck has so much money from royalties and what not….it’s disgusting.
    windows uses his music as a defult since 1999……scientologist, bleh. they all have it twisted. Jesus is Savior ,no one else

  3. i heard scientologists like to pretend, drees up as chickens during the birth 🙂

  4. they walk like chickens, yes they do 🙂
    i heard it good with learning, mind control 🙂

  5. It’s cool how there’s talk about david spade to the right of this page. He and Beck are practically twins!

  6. i heard scientology involves milkshakes, just look at how fat Tom Cruise is, they force feed it to him, poor man 🙁

  7. I heard David Spade is one of Beck’s alter ego’s, like Ziggy Stardust.

    I heard that Scientology is another sham religion like Christianity and Judaism.
    Wake up, sheep! The joke is on you.

  9. oooh thats ominous.
    Shit if i was 6:41 i’d be worried anyway.

  10. well, i think beck is a horny devil
    and i;m damn jealous of marissa

  11. Go to to be dazzled by the hypnotic overuse of flash.

  12. I agree about the website…that place is IMPOSSIBLE to navigate…but it looks cool. lol.

  13. I heard flash is a scientology mind control tool. 🙂

  14. Whatever Losers! Beck is one of the most talented musicians living today. He is inventive, ever changing and NEVER boring. Who cares if he is a scientologist. He doesn’t trumpet it in the media and minds his own business. As for all you sickos who are comparing him to David Spade, you must all be sampling Lohan’s Strawberry Quikcane if you know what I mean.

  15. OMG! imagine anyone being private about their marriage and children, everyone knows that these moments should rightfully be spread across every magazine in the world. Laws should be passed making people give exact details of this kind of thing.

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