Since Variety spilled the beans that Barbra Streisand had her beloved dog Samantha cloned, it’s been the talk of dog-lovers. You can’t blame Barbra for loving her Coton de Tulear so much that she had her cloned – twice. Every dog owner knows the agonizing heartbreak when the animal they’ve spent so many years living with, inevitably dies. Cloning seems like a good idea if you have an extra fifty to a hundred thousand dollars. But, as animal activists point out – the clone may LOOK the same, but the dogs are NOT likely to have the same personality. Even Barbra admits her dogs don’t behave like Samantha. So maybe it’s not really such a great idea…

Above: Barbra and Samantha in 2014

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA

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  1. How could it be the SAME dogs?! It would not have the same memories from when it was with her because it’s a different dog! DUMB!!!

  2. As if there weren’t enough homeless dogs. Cloning a dog is the ultimate in selfish piggery. And speaking of piggery, let’s talk about Barbra’s face.

  3. She is not known for her outstanding intellect. She spent what? on these dogs and with that money could have saved hundreds of dogs at shelters looking for a new home, and gotten another lovable pooch.

  4. OH MY GOSH ! That is one heck of a Photoshop job ! That is just wrong.

    What friggin ego!!

  5. That money could have put a lot of homeless up in nice lodgings for a while.

    Every time I drive by Pepperdine on PCH, I see that huge lawn and think of the thousands of tents that could hold those 58,000 homless that live on streets of L.A.

    Babs, you can make it happen! You’re the one we’ve been waiting for!!!

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