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Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen descended upon Barneys in Beverly Hills Friday and these two are rapidly turning into “fashion spies.” Not only do they attend the Paris shows to find things for themselves, but they copy the ideas for their own fashion lines. Which is just what they were doing in Barneys for two and a half hours Friday. Ashley (above) inspected all the accessories on the first floor – especially bags and shoes, while Mary-Kate examined the designer collections on the second floor. They left loaded with ideas and a few new things to wear. Don’t underestimate these girls – they are carving out a place in the fashion world.


  1. being inspired is one thing.
    stealing ideas is another.
    i suppose creating your own designs based on your own concepts and taste is like against the law of marketing these days- everyone does this and they are all talentless thieves.
    ps. i think it’s been confirmed these two young ladies look terrible.

  2. Awww, c’mon. They only have a billion dollars between them. They need to steal ideas from designers to make more money!

  3. ya, right. As if they don’t pay others to do the actual work. They were probably just shopping.

  4. I’m starting to like the twins. Maybe they’ve actually got savvy. More power to the sisters ! Keep making your own kind of music Ashley and Mary Kate !

  5. the only place ive seen mary kate and ashley clothes is in t the girls section of walmart. and while some of the kids clothes are cute, its a far far far cry from stuff at barneys. they were just out shopping.
    yeah as another suggested above, maybe marykate and ashley need to make another one of their movies, it could be set in greece and feature various greek hotties that they rotate around with their friends.


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  9. you must be joking Janet. they are not fashionable at all.

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