What is it about the holidays that brings out the worst in bad boys? Denise Richards must be smirking because her exhusband Charlie Sheen has been arrested in Aspen for domestic violence. Charlie’s wife Brooke gave birth to twin boys last March but no one involved needed medical attention. Surprisingly, the altercation occurred at 8 AM on Christmas morning, when gifts are usually joyfully unwrapped. Charlie’s been in jail since then, so Christmas for the family cannot have been very pleasant. Charlie’s publicist insists that the situation is not what it seems. The photo above was taken years before Charlie started on “Two and a Half Men.”

UPDATE: Charlie has been released and alcohol was a factor in the skirmish – but Brooke had consumed twice as much as Charlie and he claims he was defending himself from her aggression. All this at 8 AM!

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  1. Charlie used to hire hookers two at a time and have them dress as cheerleaders and do cheers with his name in them. Then watch them have sex in the uniforms and join in when his “interest” was peaked.

    Why he would want to be married is beyond me.

  2. Charlie has deep mental problems. I think it is too late for him to even go into sex therapy, even though he is a sex addict. Furthermore, I think demons entered into him all the times he was hiring hookers and prostitues. Any gal that hooks up with him has got to be nuts. Brooke, however, is no angel either. More fireworks to come.

    And as a side note: His nose especially from the side view is soooo loooong.

  3. This guy is a 9/11 conspiracy nut!
    Why anyone listens to him is a mystery to me

  4. For the same reason Tiger always had a prostitute(s) and a wife/kids.

  5. Okay, Charlie is no saint, but what was his wife, a mother of two babies, doing getting drunk at 8 in the morning? And on Christmas, of all times. I hope their nanny was in the house because Brooke was not in any shape to care for those boys.

  6. What kind of a person marries Charlie Sheen, when everyone in the world knows his problems, and then has children with him? It’s all about the money. She’s as sick, if not more so, than he is.

  7. Neither one of them should be drinking at 8 in the morning, let alone on Christmas. Looks to me as tho TWO people need to go to rehab and ASAP for the sake of those two newborns!

    I don’t watch his show because of his history of drinking and prostitutes. They should have gotten someone decent to play that part. He’s a big loser!

  8. Why is Charlie Sheen even a celebrity? He’s not attractive and he can’t act worth a damn. Could this be the death knell for his career? I hope so. Go away Charlie and take care of your, what?, 5 kids.

  9. He had his buzz from the night before with only .04 in his blood, she was the one with .14!!!!! She’s a good mom for sure, a good DRUNK mom. The tests dont lie, cant blame him this time.

  10. chichi, ya got that right… and the wife has now admitted that she lied… must suck to be a child of a celebrity…

  11. To RIGHT, first in this post
    YOU ARE CORRECT! You’d think he’d know better than to get married but he was trying to follow in his dad’s footsteps. And we do hammer in the point that when there are kids, it’s better if the parents are married . . . to each other!

    To Reta
    Charlie & Brooke were drinking the night before. Maybe you’ve never done that, but sometimes it happens to adults. Apparently, they thought they could work out their differences of separation while intoxicated, but he only ended up choking her instead. Nice . . . Don’t let him mediate anything!!

    Luckily, Charlie’s salary, $750,000 per week, will be enough for Denise, her two girls and Brooke & her twin boys for all to b in therapy together . . . for the rest of their lives!!!

  12. Charlie sold his soul to the devil. What were we expecting, an angel? When you do that, it’s the devil that controls you and you have no control.

    Charlie knew that deal when he signed on. Now, he’s just pushing everyone away from him because he’s a ticking time bomb.

  13. I hope all of his hos past present and future have been tested for std’s. With that many partners tho, surely bacteria and germs are now widespread.

  14. This clueless misguided boy needs old MamaSan to mentor him about what he has done/is doing to himself. Then he needs an old fashioned belt-whuppin’ on his ass. If he doesn’t get his act together after wise old MamaSan gets through with him, then it is truly and sadly too late.

  15. Charlie looks hot in that pic. A handful, but hot all the same!

  16. The reason he’s a star is because of his dad Martin Sheen. There’s tons of nepotism in Hollywood. He was never a good actor or person, just a spoiled addict. He shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce or be married. His show is complete shite, just a bunch of potty and smutty jokes with a bunch of unlikeable characters. But this is America, Land of No Taste.

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