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Soon to be ex-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was having lunch with some buddies at Barneys and one guy teased him about having a bodyguard standing at a discreet distance. Arnold laughed and admitted he was thrilled because once he has finished being governor he can finally get rid of the bodyguard. He said he doesn’t need the guy and anyway “I’m tougher than he is!”


  1. Sure, he’s a tough guy but he needs a “bodyguard” to carry his man purse.

  2. Ha ! Maria has turned Mr. Tough Guy into a simpering whimpering liberal democrat. And, furthermore, he is only allowed to smoke his beloved cigars outside, far away from the mansion. LOL

  3. By “man purse”, do you mean his scrotum?

    Arnold has been snapped free-balling so often that he must be able to put his testicles in his back pocket.

    The guy in the background is probably there to remind him that if he just sits down he will hurt himself.

  4. do we really care if Arnold wears underpants or not?? jesus….
    how about how he fucked California over as governor??
    fuck his balls.

  5. Arnold is getting a little old to play the tough guy part, except in the movies.

  6. With Arnis gone we Californians will finally save money from his constant two and three private planes taking off from Santa Monica Airport every week sometimes twice a week with fully catered meals and booze going to Sacramento (the state capital).

    Also he will be back in action over by Gold’s gym and the Abbot Kinney area in Venice doing what he doses so well with the single ladies…lol! Poor Maria! “”HE’S BACK””

  7. pit bull lover, “fuck his ball”? Well, to each his own. LOL!!!

    This is a celeb gossip website. Excuse the flippant remark. I guess I should have quoted Nitsche.

  8. Looks like he is growing some ‘moobs’in this pic. Perhaps he is ingesting too many Estrogen clones in his diet?

  9. For those of you who think he is a bad Governor, just wait, what’s coming will be a thousand times worse

  10. Maria has looked the other way many times when Arnie was caught ummmm shall we say, in a little side action. That’s why she has him by the balls and can spend spend spend and he better keep it coming. But I bet she would like to shove a lit cigar up his a**.

  11. Indy Maria is genetically suited for a husband with indescretion – a Kennedy man could not keep it in his pant with a rabid transvestite Mohel on the loose.

  12. Arnold and Maria have to be the most unappealing celebrity couple. He is like Frankenstein’s monster at Octoberfest and she is like the Crypt keeper at fashion week.

  13. I think right is right and Arno will be happy when the Governor thing is over. I wish he would run for Senator but doubt it will happen.

    California used to be a wonderful place….totally fucked up now with all the illegals. Businesses are still leaving…it will get worse.

  14. people, minus the president, who think they’re important americans HIRE bodyguards.

    ……”lady go go” use this filthy trick!!

  15. Strom, a big segment of California business is high tech. Business is leaving, and jobs are going because America can not provide a return on investment. So jobs are being outsourced. Don’t blame Arnold, or illegals, but America generally, for a poor education systems and a terrible work ethic.

  16. That’s why America’s colleges are where the world shops.

    Not the system but the inmates are the problem, especially those who have gotten here illegally.

  17. Strom, foreigners know that anything below post-graduate college is a joke in the States. If, say, an East Indian goes to an American college to get an under-graduate degree, it is too make contacts and settle in the U.S. – for whatever reason – and because, by the time he has left school in India, has received a better education than an American with a B.A. and can suffer the boredom and annoyance for four years.

  18. Arnold people still love you and your going to walk alone is so wrong and no matter what you do…People are speechless around you and just love to see you…And no matter what you have done in your pass…I don’t look down on you as a person and I hope that you just get your divorce over with and let your wife have her money for 25 years and just give her what she wants and that way it is going to pay for your other children and start over again..Of course some woman are going to want you and Your never going to be alone and if your hang on to this marriage your not going to be able to date and move on..If your wife will not sleep with you? Then it is over and Dead and the trust will never be there for her in this relationship and when the dirt has been told and all this little secrets that you have kept to yourself has tainted the whole relationship and for a time in the marriage the truth was not told and everything was placed on the back burner and for a woman to stay strong and go toward the divorce and get it in 91 days is to never sleep with your husband again and that way.. This can end and your new life starts?

  19. I am pretty sure that no one is going to attack Arnold Schwarzenegger but he is loved and so people are going to walk up to him and start talking but it would be pure shock to see him walking around and of course he is going to make the pubic happy with his present and many people are just loving him and wanting to talk to him and seeing him and hearing him in person has to be a major gift and real thrilling and fun and exciteing and it really gives a person something good to talk about having a movie star around has to be incredible.

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