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Wow! The opening day of polo in the Hamptons attracted a wide variety of celebrities. Here’s Aretha Franklin (it seems like she rarely leaves Detroit) and we are thrilled to see that she is fully clothed. Sometimes onstage she wears those horribly revealing and unflattering dresses. We didn’t know she was a polo fan.


  1. She refuses to fly, so she must have taken a train — or a limo — to the Hamptons.

  2. What are you saying really? um lots of black live there and she has loads of friends too.

  3. I like ‘Retha but … it’s been long whispered that she was incested by her late Rev. dad and her first pregancy was by him.

  4. Probably lots of the old black men had to get the first piece from all the girls in the family. Takes a whole lot of material to wrap that girl up!

  5. Well at least no one ever claimed Aretha was a flat out whore like Diana Ross was. Di sampled every bit of black meat in the industry.

  6. Easy to tell that Aretha isn’t like Whitney Houston..a crack head lesbian! Retha can’t get away from the table long enough.

  7. Love Aretha. There never was, nor ever will be, another like her. A true goddess.

  8. Yeh I really love her voice too bad she’s had a difficult personal life.
    btw … my (former) therapist believes that many obese American females are sex abuse/incest surviors who fatten themselves up to be less sexually attractive.

  9. Couldnt agree more, it is mortifying to see a genuine living legend showing up to functions inappropriately and shoddily attired.
    Kudos to her peeps for fixing Ms. Re Re up, love the coordinated shades.

  10. That is a big ass that would handle a lot of plowing….too bad she hasn’t done anything different in the past 20 years…old school..old news!

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