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Stella Banderas definitely has a cool father. Antonio brought his almost 13 year old daughter shopping at The Grove – her birthday is later this month. Stella’s mom Melanie Griffith checked back into rehab recently and it was rumored that Antonio wanted to end the marriage. But Antonio made a point of denying any kind of split and insists emphatically “I’m not leaving!”

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  1. Melanie is sure lucky to have him (and keep him) not only with her drug/drink problem, but her nasty cig habit. plus she just looks like SHIT from all the horrible plastic surgery she’s had. The little girl is a doll, and I’m glad at least ONE of her parents has their shit together!! Melanie is a friggin LOSER!!

  2. Antonio has told his close friends: as soon as Melanie has her problems under control, he is going to divorce her.

  3. Melanie has way more money than Antonio. If there was not a pre-nup, maybe that’s why he is sticking with her. If anything, her jealousy of him flirting with other women will kill the marriage.

  4. She never used to let him out of her sight for any reason, not for a second. A few years ago one of them got a Broadway ? show. Either she started trusting him, or it was over a long time ago.

  5. I truly believe he has stayed in the marraige just for his daughter Stella. I think he has stayed for her 13 years and he’ll probably stay with his NASTY wife till Stella is 18 and off to school and once that happens I hope he leaves that crank lick”n sick bitch of a whore!

  6. AB’s first wife, AnaLeeza(spelling?) was so much prettier, petite, cute, and natural-looking than this dope-head man-crazy slut. What was he thinking?

  7. The kid could use some color. She’s as blue-white as a piece of roquefort cheese!

  8. His Daughter is getting to be such a big girl and she looks so much like her father and it seems to me they are having a wonderful time together just walking and talking and having some father and Daughter time and that is great and wonderful to just take time out for each other and make the time to share together.

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