Urban Outfitters just had a photo banned from their website in the UK because the model looked “unhealthily thin.” The Advertising Standards Authority ordered them to remove the picture. Apparently the message about anorexic looking models has not reached Italy. This is a promotional photo for luxury shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection. Czech model Karolina Kurkova looks lean and hungry, but well shod.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI


  1. Whether or not she is anorexic, the pose is encouraging us to see her that way. Usually models stand with their backs arched and their hips sticking out to give the impression of curves (I guess it’s too easy to just eat more and have real curves); this model is hunched over, concave, with her shoulder bones hunched up for emphasis and her thighs are suspended to prevent her thighs from showing any extra fat. For contrast, check out her Victoria’s Secret work:,,20609151_20549440_21087281,00.html

  2. Follow any wanna be model around for a week and you will see a real sickness!

  3. I think she looks perfectly gorgeous! And it’s good to see someone with a natural-looking tan, instead of pasty white like putty or artificially orange.

  4. They all look like that, last healthy models were back in the time of Cindy Crawford and that group.

  5. That book cost about $6 to make and they sell it for $600. Now who is stupid?

  6. She looks like a teenage guy with grown out hair….seriously?

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