Maybe Anne Heche WASN”T exaggerating last year when she claimed she was nearly broke and couldn’t afford to pay $15000 a month to her exhusband Coley Laffoon for spousal and child support. Since then she had a baby named Atlas with her new boyfriend James Tupper and her series “Men in Trees” was cancelled. She started appearing on “Hung” but money problems still haunt her. Recently she tried to purchase a two million dollar house in Hancock Park (where she once lived with Ellen Degeneres) but her loan was not approved and it fell out of escrow. She didn’t come up with the necessary cash for a huge down payment, so she lost it.



  1. 15 thousand a month is rediculous! No kid needs THAT much to live and eat and clothes, etc, that is just plain crazy. Come to think of it, so is Anne Heche. It’s too bad, I would have watched that show of hers if SHE weren’t on it. Not that fond of crazy people, let alone she HAD a kid and then ditched him for this new guy and made a new kid. Don’t have a whole lotta respect for that kind of female.

  2. Glad to hear of her bad news. She’s pure evil. Hope she got her tubes tied.

  3. How did Coley get the judge to approve $15,000 per month? Nevertheless, Anne is crazy, nuts, has no common sense, no morals, and when James Tupper wakes up to this, he will leave her worthless a**.

  4. Add a PS to the above: That is, unless a lesbian comes along and lures her away before James can leave her. She needs psychiatric help ASAP.

  5. When James realizes how broke she really is……’s goodbye bitch.

  6. re: this was Mick Jagger’s problem too.

    but without the money problems

  7. If a bull dyke walks by and catches her eye, it’s “Presto Change-o”.

  8. She may be remembering fondly the nights Ellen used the strap on on her!

  9. In view of Anne’s mental problems and past bizarre behavior, how could anyone of any gender or orientation be attracted to her. But that’s GollyWeird, it never ceases to amaze.

  10. If you’re broke, why are looking at $2 million houses?

  11. Where is Ann and is she being done by lesbos or men now? This is the look of an aging and desperate lesbian.

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