We have just learned that there might be MORE potential fathers for Anna Nicole Smith’s baby – whether they come forward remains to be seen. Here’s the story: Anna Nicole and her gay “assistant” Kimmy used to hang at Toucan’s Tiki Bar when Anna was in Palm Springs. It was the fall of 2005. Kimmy was friendly with a gay guy at the bar who sold drugs and he and Anna struck up a friendship. (surprise, surprise) Anna started calling the guy (who shall remain nameless) from her LA home and whining about her love life. She wanted stud service. A friend witnessed a call where Anna moaned to her friend “I’m SO bored! I want someone HOT! Not gay, just really HOT! What’s Eric Nies doing? Can I get HIM in my bedroom? I’m SO lonely!” This Palm Springs guy apparently sent sexy young straight guys to visit lonesome Anna. Who and how many, we don’t know. But they could easily be long forgotten candidates for fatherhood. We’d love to ask Kimmy about this if we could find her. At the very least it indicates that Howard K Stern was NOT her lover.

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  1. Nice to see Anna operated her own IHOP (international house of pussy) where she served her famous tuna flavored flap jacks to all tom, dick and harry’s of the world.

  2. I wondered where Kim disappeared too… Maybe Howard killed her too!

  3. I hate her for stealing all the attention from me. I am racist, and I am infected with herpes.


  5. I think it’s funny how all these stories are now surfacing after her death. She’s not here to defend herself, and all the weak minded people out there are believing everything.

  6. Save the date!! Feb.28 my video is for sale in stores!!! I am counting on you all to make me rich,rich,rich!!!!

  7. We heard Janet did a three way with Anna also…did Janet have the baby and give it to Anna?

  8. PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT KIMMY… SHE HAS BLUE HAIR FOR STARTERS… Her credibility is probably as strong as her IQ. No wonder Anna dropped dead being around all of these dead-beat losers. That stud service thing just sounds so stupid. I don’t believe it!

  9. for anna, there were a lot of “lean” years in which noone was finding her very attractive., and while her looks had changed, i think what was more of a turnoff for men was this perpetual state of retarded whiny drunkeness. she had grown so boring and lazy that after begging anyone with a dick within a 500 mile radius to come over,she probably just laid on her back with assorted mister randoms and screamed at howard to bring her more lube and poppers.
    i dont know wtf to make of her short lived friendship with kimmy. i think that after awhile, kimmy got the hell outta there.

  10. (for folks who may not remember, kimmy was on anna’s tv show that aired on E! – that stupid tatoo was one the show , too. its weird, but i dont think that anna respected kimmy as much after she got that tatoo in her likness.))

  11. She wants STUD SERVICE, tell all the girls in Palm Springs and Hollywood to go near their local Military base and pick up some single service personnel.
    Just walk up to them and ask if they’d like to get laid by a movie star…

  12. I live in Palm Springs and have seen Anna, Kimmy and the “gang” out in Palm Springs. Anna bought Kimmy a house in Palm Springs and she hangs out at a lesbian bar called Delilah’s. She has a new, kind of cute girlfriend now and is keeping quiet about all things “Anna”.

  13. There is a clip with Coward .. uh .. I mean Howard and Anna right after Daniels death and you can see Kimmy sitting in the backround. She was around WAY after the show ended.

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