adv_2636.JPGAnna Nicole Smith died at the age of 39 today. We’ve enjoyed tracking her career ever since her first Guess ad back in the 90’s. She was a great beauty and one of a kind character who seemed destined for tragedy. (If she had heart problems, the Trimspa people must be very nervous.) Dying young guarantees she’ll become a legend. We will miss her.


  1. A sad sad end to a sad sad life.
    Maybe she’ll be at peace now.

  2. R.I.P Anna. You may have been a crazy bitch, but I always liked you.
    My concern now is what is going on with her baby? Obviously Howard isn’t the dad, so who does she go with?


  4. I hope that all the vultures, will let her rest in peace. What a sad story. I feel for her baby, left without a mom, at such a young age.

  5. am i the only one who thinks stern killed her son and maybe has killed her too?? money is indeed the root of all evil…..

  6. A legend??? A legend? Holy crapola. She is no legend. The only thing she’ll go down as the floozy who married a rich old guy who left her millions.
    I think she killed herself cuz she didn’t want to get sued over the trimspa lies.
    If only she had taken Paris and Lyndsay with her. As they say, deaths come in three so we have a chance of burying Paris and Lyndsay soon.

  7. Oh, come on, you moron (3:24) Anna was a real person who lost her life, leave her alone. What kind of sad person you are to wish death on two other very young people. So, they are spoiled rich brats but death? My god. RIP Anna, now let’s all hope the best for her dear sweet innocent baby girl.

  8. Stern loved her, he stood by her, all the time. I feel sorry for him, he was always, picking up after her.
    Ana will always be remembered, as a Hollywood/Playboy Sex Symbol;

  9. 3:24 Screw you! What a troll you are.
    In any case, Rest in Peace Anna Nicole Smith, now she can be with her son.
    Does anyone else think she committed sucide? The pressures of paternatiy tests, the death of her son, the ongoing case w/the dead husband.
    Anna was a very fragile person. I honestly think she was miserable, depressed, and scared.
    Yes, she is a legend. It will be interesting to watch her daughter grow up throughout the years. Howard is not the father, we all know that.
    God bless her daughter’s life.

  10. Trish and Anna, get a frickin life. Anna was a druggie. Druggies die. It’s amazing she lived this long. Why should she be a legend? Because she was famous for being a drugged out whore? I guess so since you want to worship a druggie whore. Says a lot about you, you two pathetic pieces of scum.

  11. She took her life, either purposely or accidently trying
    to sedate her pain.

  12. She took her life, either purposely or accidently trying
    to sedate her pain.

  13. To the person who posted the Anna is rotting in hell post I hope YOU rot in hell for saying those things. Your the scumbag mutherfucker and if I was face to face with you I’d have to bitchslap your ass for saying those things about someone who just DIED and obviously had alot of problems.

  14. It’s like the day Princess Di died! People are reacting just the same.
    What they’re saying around my office: too much TrimSpa!

  15. I am astounded at the comments being posted on here. Anna rotting in hell??? WTF??
    Not everyone is perfect in life, and we all deal with issues differently. It genuinely angers me to see such horrible things written about someone who just died. And to wish death upon other celebs?
    My honest prayer is for you all to have the veil lifted from your eyes, and realise we all are PEOPLE. HUMAN beings! To wish death upon someone is absoultly disgusting, and I truly hope that your eyes and heart OPEN.

  16. Why do you people care so much about Anna when you won’t even help the poor in your own neighborhood? Take your sympathy and go volunteer for meals on wheels or homeless shelters where REAL people need your help. Anna is just a made up media personality. She offers no one any worth and she only lived to please herself. Look at all the pain she has brought to people around her. She died because she was a toxic person, yet you people want to deify her. How severely misguided you people are.

  17. Some parents can never recover from the death of a child.
    She & Daniel were particularly
    close. So very sad.

  18. Legend? LOL. As if she did something worthy of remembering…I don’t think so.
    She was a gold digger, druggie, and walking joke. Yeah, that’s the kind of stuff legends are made of — NOT!
    RIP, bimbo.


  20. Oh Anna Oh Anna
    Now you are rotting like an overripe banana
    You played fast and loose with your life
    You couldn’t even take a second to be a good momma or wife.
    The drugs you took to numb your pain
    The death of your son you were to blame.
    You have left this earth, soul body and fake bust
    I shed no tears for your life, for that I only have disgust.

  21. Many would say Marilyn Monroe was a “gold digger, druggie and walking joke”, and as our Country made her a ‘legend’ of sorts, they will make the same of ANS. None of us can really judge as I’m sure you all knew her as well as I did (uh, not at all). What has she really gone through in her life, what personal demons did she fight?
    The sad part is history repeats itself, and instead of learning from her tragedy, there will likely be many more who die like her, ‘famous’ and not.

  22. She really appeared to be hopeless & somber over the last 5 months. Her sons death broke her spirit. It seemed like a matter of time before she gave up. When I first saw ANS I thought she was goddess. So uniquely, breathakingly beautiful. That is how I will remember her – from those Guess posters.

  23. Agreed with the last poster, Kristal.
    I just got off the phone with a good friend who has worked with Anna Nicole before, and after her son’s death. Anna died when her son died. At least now they are together in heaven. I really wish people would stop writing such horrible things on this website about Anna. Let her rest in peace.

  24. When a person’s whole life is constructed of lies, how far can they run? Alcohol, the drugs and more drugs….relocating to the bahamas to avoid dealing with whatever secrets she was trying to keep. ..She was a drooling blathering bleached out boob. She slurred her speech all the time, and constantly whined and whined and whined. Her language was sprinkled with lots of crass, dirty words and she ordered everyone around her to wait on her as if she were a queen. Sorry, id like to think of her as being all sweetness and light, but she wasn’t. she wasn’t. sorry. All of that so called “child like” behaviour was a woman wasted or stoned or drunk or all of those. i think that daniel must have had a horrible time dealing with that as a mother..she expected everyone to take care of her every whim with little if nothing in return. she was completely self absorbed.
    chit, if this is the example of what y’all consider to be attractive and sexy, i don’t know what the hell to say.
    sure she was devastated over the death of her son…at the same time, it seems like they werent sincere about finding out the truth about how he really died. What she did do was sit for Entertainment Tonight for pay, where she could weep her elephant tears for prime time. The money from that interview is what enabled her to get another home on the island after she was kicked out of the mansion she was trying to claim was a gift.

  25. where was howard when this happened? who was this personal nurse with her…what was she doing? is all her money going to howard? they werent legally married. birkhead was just her temporary boy toy looking to cash in, too. (birkhead had a weird resemblance with daniel)
    i heard that anna’s first husband bill smith could sue anna’s estate for wrongful death of daniel.
    gawd, the lawyers are going to be mighty busy straightening all of this crap out. i doubt that any of them will leave with very much money.

  26. Crash and burn party girls downtown take note!!
    Is this how you want to be post scripted!
    Be good.

  27. TWANS was a ignorant trainwreck of a woman who did nothing to deserve attention, and even less to insitgate the attention her death is now generating on the news stations.
    Barbaro had more relevance to society and modern culture. His death I truly mourn, not some bleached bozo who made women look rediculous.

  28. i just remembered something that i liked a lot about anna nicole smith, around the time she had her E! show….
    anna used to have this really great sense of humor about herself. at one time she was really funny..outrageous and irreverent.
    at one time, anyhow.

  29. A legend? No way. An icon? Forget it. Just another dumb, drugged-out, blond bimbo. Take note Paris and Lindsey.

  30. First, 9.49pm,Too,Too much,it is crocodile tears not elephant tears. Anyway, I just wanted to ask a question really. Is it cool and trendy to talk bad of the dead now? I was brought up to respect the dead as they cannot defend themself. Do you think you are rebellious for slagging her off?

  31. Losing a child is not a natural thing. The parent is supposed to be the first to die. I’ve known two parents who lost their children at a young age (20’s). These mothers were NEVER the same. sad, sad, sad. Rest in peace .

  32. 11:12 am, Nicola – is this news slagging you off ? wtf is slagging?
    Dead people who while living lead respectable lives deserve respect.
    right, it must be like oh so judgemental to look at a disasterous life and say, what a disaster.
    Frankly, in these times, it would be more rebellious to settle down, get married and live a simple humble life that placed values first.
    who would think it?
    its weird, but true.
    i think that people are getting tired of seeing everyones cooter. its all just tmi.

  33. well to some anna was probaly a no body but to me she was a beautiful person. yes she had alot of problems but i am sure if we all cleaned out from under our own door steps we would find problems of our own. this is a very sad thing that has happened my heart goes out to that percious little baby dannielynn she will never get to know her mother. rip anna nicole smith and to the person who is so worried about helping homeless and hungry people for your info i do help the homeless and the hungry which i am sure you know nothing about because i am sure as you pass a homeless or starving person you turn your head and walk on by so why don’t you take alittle bit of your own advice and to the rest that are wishing for death on these other people i would be careful what i say cause god works in mysterious ways.

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