Angelina Jolie and her five year old twins Vivienne and Knox arrived at LAX from London, where she had a meeting about her campaign to end violence against women in areas of conflict. This family must have a lot of frequent flyer miles. Whether Angelina will show up at the Oscars February 22 remains to be seen. Her film Unbroken was not nominated for any major awards, but some technical ones. It’s funny how publications describe her as “painfully thin.” There is nothing painful about being thin and fit, but it IS painful to be overweight. Angelina looks elegant as always.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI


  1. Wow, Janet, that came out of left field! Do you have something you are trying to tell us?

  2. This knarly lesbo revels in being seen as a world economic expert….how foolish. The Sony tapes had it correct….diva and poor actress.

  3. Angelina has a beautiful face, but I’d take JLo’s or Jennifer Anniston’s body.

  4. Have you lost your mind? She looks like she lives in a third world country.

    There is nothing healthy about being as emaciated as she is. Heroin is not healthy.

    And – for the record, there is NOTHING interesting about this chick.

  5. Beachy nailed it!

    This knarly lesbo revels in being seen as a world economic expert….how foolish.

    The Sony tapes had it correct…a delusional diva and poor actress.

  6. You have got to be kidding with those statements. She looks severely undernourished, I can’t imagine that is good for her health. Plus she has the cancer gene but smokes. People this thin can have heart attacks at any minute. We read all the time that she rarely eats anything at all.

  7. She looks awful though and not ‘fit’ at all. She doesn’t look like she exercises , she looks like she is starving herself to death or on heroine again but not fit .

  8. Leave it to airhead Janet to think she knows what she is talking about when it comes to what is and isn’t healthy.

  9. Angie really does have painfully thin arms. Another 15 pounds or so would look good on her. But there’s nothing more unappealing or unhealthy than being fat, like more than a third of Americans are now, mostly due to sodas and junk food.

  10. Any pictures out there of her being munched on by pervert Jenny Shimizu? Would the United Nations have copies of those?

  11. There are clearly a plethora of things wrong in the jolie-Pitt household, and they start with its nucleus, Angelina Jolie!

    There have been tons of sign of things not being right with her for over a dozen years now. How am I supposed to believe that a certified psycho went sane over night, with the adoption of a foreign boy. That poor boy probably had to bring her her heroin kit more than once.

  12. About a month ago, the resident doctor of the National Enquirer closely studied recent pics of her. His medical opinon is that she is at least 30 pounds underweight and looks dangerously malnourished.

    Even Queen Elizabeth was taken aback a few weeks ago at how thin she is.

    This chick is seriously ill, mentally and physically. Her own brother has stated that she has very little appetite and even forgets to eat. A former housekeeper has written that she eats very little and that is a slice of pizza and corn curls. Could heroin addicts be healthy?

  13. youre wrong miss charlton,
    thin is not synonymous with health.

    jolie has always been thin. but in her youth she had a healthier ( and more attractive)figure.

    thin is an asethic preference and not everyone associates a dress size double zero with good looks or health.

  14. Her kids don’t look like they’re “all there.” I wonder if she took heroin while pregnant.

  15. kathy,

    I don’t think Ang ever really takes a good hard look at the kids.

    She is too busy scr**ing, taking heroin, or on a plane to the utter ends of the earth.

    Bet she looks like a stick figure, sans clothes.

  16. I think she has class and dresses like it. She’s a great role model as well. There will always be haters for stupid #@$$#$ and some on this site are just that……

  17. Ad some are delusional, As the Sony CEO said, Angie has minimal talent but a inflated view of herself. Jenny Shimizu munched on her for years.

  18. Despite the recent comments by Madonna….no woman has had as much experience with oral sex as Angie, Jenney Shimizu has quite an appetite. So does Hillary!

  19. And some delusional posters, Denise. As the Sony CEO said, Angie has minimal talent but a inflated view of herself. Jenny Shimizu munched on her for years.

  20. Some people have long, slender arms and legs – others don’t and feel the need to critique that body type.

    Take a look at people from India: many have long, slender arms and legs. Same goes for populations in north African countries like Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia, and Eritrea. Angie has that type of build as well. Yes she is quite thin, but she will never be stocky, nor should she be.

  21. No anthropology lesson required, she is a junkie. As the Yiddish Sony VP said, Angie has minimal talent and a delusional picture of her self importance.

    Paging Jenny Shimizu for “counseling”.

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