And here’s another example of a fake photo set up.. We hear Harry Morton and Lindsay share an equal passion for publicity. We’re told he WAITED OUTSIDE Cartier for photographers to arrive before he commenced with his fabricated ring shopping. The phoney story went everywhere, just as Lindsay and Harry hoped it would. Seeing is not always believing in Hollywood.

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11 thoughts on “AND HARRY PULLS A FAST ONE

  1. I was in Cartier at the time, having my Pascha (that’s a watch for you people outside of LA) fixed and I saw Harry wait for the photographers. He was pacing back and forth in the store. He was the one who spread the engagement story. How sad and pathetic these two are.

  2. Harry Morton is a spoiled brat. He always needs to be identified as Peter Morton’s son, because without his father he would be nothing. He is a pathetic exuse for a human being.

  3. Harry Morton is totally insecure and craves attention. He has had a totally messed up life and has never had any guidance. He needs to go back to rehab.

  4. Harry Morton needs to go back to rehab. All this garbage about him trying to clean Lindsay up and to tame her is just publicity. Harry is a huge coke addict and has always gone out clubbing. He needs help to tame him.

  5. Harry Morton is a big LOSER. Desperate for publicity, he makes Brandon Davis look cool, and that my friend is no small feat.

  6. Whoa! Really? Thats crazy? So instead of just buying a ring to marry Linds he waited for his buddies to show up and snap a picture. Thats so cute! He wanted to remember it forevah!
    What they didn’t tell you is that she had a baby!

  7. Harry is the kindest most gentle young guy and is far from being spoiled. He is an example to men around the world. If only there were more guys like him. His father should only have the sensitivity and charm that he has. Any girl would be lucky to get him. Lindsey was just not good enough. she is a total party animal and makes far too much money for work undeserving of her salary. She was obsessed with Harry and can’t stand it that he dumped her.

  8. this may sound silly but does anyone know or could anyone find out if Harry has a wife stashed away down south.I was reading hollywood life and they tell stories about celebrities withpout mentioning the celebrities name.there was this story about a young movie beauty nursinga broken heart because her boyfrined secretly has a wife and has benn cheating on both of them and he also doesn’r have any monety of his own.I was just curious.

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