No wonder Rehab singer Amy Winehouse’s new husband Blake Fielder-Civil is smiling. As we predicted, he DID manage to rush her into marriage without signing a pre-nup. According to The Sun newspaper in the UK , Blake has been singing “They tried to make me sign a pre-nup, but I said no, no, no” to the tune of Amy’s Rehab song. Amy’s friends are worried that he’s a gold-digger, but right now she’s too happy to think about anything negative. Maybe when the honeymoon is over, Blake will say yes, yes, yes to a post-nup, but don’t count on it.


11 thoughts on “AMY WINEHOUSE PRE-NUP? NO, NO, NO!

  1. when you look as disgusting as amy winehouse, you take whatever you can get.

  2. I just hope they don’t have kids any time soon!

  3. What inheritance and communial property? They don’t own anything of value anyone would want, the music industry is their daddy. Both of them are heading for an early autopsy so what does it matter which drug dealer gets the most from the pair while they are alive.

  4. I like the first comment. I guess I’d be desperate to marry w/ or without a prenup, too, if I looked like that.

  5. She has money? She will be dead by overdose by the end of the year.

  6. Who the heck is this freak anyway? Does she actually have money? People really go see her concerts? I thought perhaps she was a joke. Oh well.

  7. Amy Winehouse I discovered IS A VIRGO and yes Saturn- the planet of constriction, life lessons and KARMA starts Sept.4th- they will be divorced very soon I predict and this creepy chick will be history. By the way please email WHOLE FOODS and tell them they must remove her CD which they are selling in a display box at the South Street Whole Foods in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the coffee/juice section- I just was there the other day and for WHOLE FOODS to be promoting an addict is just plain wrong. It is a HEALTH FOOD store

  8. She’s all hype with nothing to back it up. Quit reporting on her Janet, you’re just another media victim.

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