While cruising the internet we came across this photo (from the 60’s) of French heartthrob Alain Delon, Marianne Faithfull and Mick Jagger sitting on a couch. Marianne looks quite happy, Alain seems to be flirting, and Mick looks all twisted up, but WHAT is he thinking? You write the caption…


  1. I thought for a second that was a picture of Janet during her ‘groupie’ years !

  2. Boy Mick sure looks feminine here!!! Hard to believe he’s had so many women!!!!

  3. No caption springs to mind, but we’ve no doubt that Mick was thinking up a strategy that would land BOTH of these two lovelies in bed.

    This, according to Geraldo Rivera, is how Mick has always rolled (he claims Jagger and Rudy Nureyev were panting to make Geraldo–I know, YUK!–the filling in their man-wich).

    As for Delon, he was perfect–and you can see him at his peak in the excellent “Plain Soleil” (Purple Noon–with subtitles): this was the first film adaptation of Highsmith’s “The Talented Mr. Ripley”–and boy, is it good!

  4. Will try to see that Delon movie. Once in the 70’s when walking on Sunset Strip, I saw him sitting in an outdoor cafe with his legs crossed, sipping a cappucino and smoking a cigarette – handsomest man I’d ever seen!

  5. Jagger mulling over if wearing hot pink pants is why he can’t get no satisfaction.

  6. Janet, you’ll love it–and the production design is a feast for the eyes. The good news: “Purple Noon” is actually dubbed in English, by the original cast, so no subtitles required.

    If you’re feeling adventuresome, you could make a double feature of it with Tony Minghella’s version from 1999 (Jude, Matt, Gwyneth, Phillip, and Cate). The same basic story told in two very inventive, suspenseful ways. 😀

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