New couple alert! Kim Kardashian turned up at Les Deux this weekend holding hands with Evan Ross. They shared a table and were very close all evening. “It was definitely a date” an observer said. Kim hasn’t had a serious romance since she made her sex video with exboyfriend Ray J. Aspiring actor Evan is the son of Diana Ross, and he’s eight years younger than Kim but that doesn’t seem to be a problem yet.

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  1. If their age difference is not a problem then maybe the fact that they both like big black men will be the deal breaker here. He’s soooo gay. This lady sings the blues.

  2. on another blog , i read about diana ross’ youngest daughter…poor girl has the ugliest name, like cloudy clitoris or something…but she has her own blog and was saying that she wants to be just like paris and that crowd. she also said that the kardashian family is close to hers and that the ross kids spend time with them when her mother is on tour. anyways, as nasty as kim “i wanna be a pornstar” kardashian is, i think that she is just friends with evan ross.

  3. oh, what do i know….there is this huge scramble for positions since the once hot clique is now in the clink. they are both fug. i think evan tweezes or waxes his eyebrows thinner than kim’s.
    i think they should rename that place, “Le Doofus”.

  4. Ya-Kim is DESPERATE for attention and a media whore. I highly doubt they are actually a couple. Maybe fuccing…but doesn’t he seem a bit fruity??

  5. That young man has no desires on a media whore like that piece of trash. She looks for any way to get her name in print.
    She’d f**k a donkey if it’d get her on TMZ.

  6. Why is this tramp in the news every day, what has she ever done? What a waste of space she is

  7. she is talentless, but I think she is gorgeous. and I am not a lezbot or a guy.

  8. Diana had better get this whore off of her son before he’s ruined and diseased. He could certainly get a classier piece of tail!

  9. It’s pretty sad when you can’t even sell your porn video. Poor Kim she looks likes a hairy monkey,

  10. He looks like the love child of Diana and Wacko Jacko. I heard he was doing LinZ before this ho

  11. PR relationship alert!! That boy is gayer than Gay Gayerson on Gay Day in San Francisco.
    Yeh his sister Chudney (who is very fug) wants to be Paris Hilton so look for her in a fake relationship soon.

  12. If these two really are an item I would advise that they both rinse out their mouth with bleach after every encounter!

  13. Diana must be hysterical. He can do soooooooooo much better.

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