This is as close to religion as we like to get during the holidays. Our brilliant colleague, Stephen Saban at The WOW Report, is as much a sucker for dogs as we are. Hence, we have Mary, Joseph, and Pumpkin…..


  1. Ridiculing a group that won’t come after you… very “courageous” of you and Mr. Saban. And typical.

  2. Dog is God backwards! I’d not Liken our Savior Jesus Christ to anything, place or person if I was you.

  3. If you don’t like to get “Close to God during the holidays”, what exactly ARE YOU CELEBRATING? It’s called CHRISTmas for a reason. Oh well, He loves YOU anyway.

  4. Come the Great Judgment Day, this sacrilege wil be played back to all involved, and it won’t be pretty. There will be weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth.

  5. While I completely support your right to publish anything you wish, I have to let you know that I find this extremely offensive. I am a liberal and a Christian (with a great sense of humor) who has really enjoyed your smart and funny observations on celebrity culture. This, however, really crosses a line and makes me think twice about visiting your site. I really hope you know God loves you and wishes to have a relationship with you. There is a peace you gain in life when you accept Christ. I hope you find that one day.

  6. Hope you’re a fellow atheist, Janet. Our numbers are increasing, despite rampant stupidity out there. Down with god, up with science!

  7. God Loves You. Why would you not believe that? How could you not believe in the Almighty God? God bless you this season and hope you grow closer to our Lord.

  8. How can anyone be an atheist after looking into the heavens and seeing sun, moon, stars, planets. You WILL believe when the Judgment comes, but it will be way too late.

  9. Janet, and Atheists………….Look around you. Do you not see the intricate workings of Creation? There are too many well planned and and intelligent systems to all nature to chalk it up to happenstance. TO IMAGINE THAT A RANDOM FORCE PUT ALL THESE SYSTEMS IN PLACE TO OUR BENEFIT IS RIDICULOUS. If not God, then what? It’s like saying an explosion in an alphabet block factory resulted in Webster’s dictionary. It honestly takes more suspension of belief to be an Atheist, than to be a believer of God, and His creation.

  10. Janet you are sinking into the lowest lows. Erasing my posts now? Viva freedom of speech and opinions but not on this site.
    Smarten up old lady.

  11. Wow, very very courageous to go after people that won’t fight back. Do something similar to Islam and see how funny that is. You don’t have the guts. Shame on you, you coward.

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