Here’s a photo that stimulated a LOT of conversation. Victoria Beckham posted this photo of her husband David kissing their daughter Harper on the lips. The Beckhams seem to be a nice, loving family, but we have to admit this makes us wince. Not sure why. What do YOU think?

Photo: Instagram


10 thoughts on “A KISS IS JUST A KISS

  1. enough. stop reading disgusting shit into an innocent situation.

  2. For goodness sake. It’s a father kissing his daughter. Nothing sinister here. Take you’re minds out of the gutter.

  3. The only one with a problem here is Janet. Nothing wrong with a father giving his daughter a kiss.

  4. That’s the problem with taking things out of contex. I’m sure if we saw a short video of this moment we would see it as innocent. In the snapshot it looks a little creepy. My family are lip kissers too, nothing sinister about it.

  5. In this COVID-time, lip kisses with the kids? Way to spread germs!

    Does he kiss his son on the lips, too? If not then he shouldn’t with his daughter.,.

  6. It’s weird. Just like it’s weird when people tongue kiss their dogs. Yuk. Mouth kissing is for lovers.

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