eva_pink3.jpgEva Longoria showed up at the opening of Ken Paves comfy new salon on Robertson Friday night and she announced that she was” tired of being blonde” and planned to go back to her natural color soon. She was chatty and peppy and you’d never guess she was on the outs with her boyfriend Tony Parker. No moping here. Between Jessica Simpson’s boy problems and now Eva’s possible bustup, we can imagine that Ken is getting an earful. And we’re jealous.

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19 thoughts on “A HAPPY FACE

  1. It’s funny that Eva is now the victim given the fact that before she became “famous”, she was known as the “Cum Rag”, a nickname which is quite self-explanatory.

  2. It’s funny that Eva is now the victim given the fact that before she became “famous”, she was known as the “Cum Rag”, a nickname which is quite self-explanatory.

  3. so tired of this little girl— GO AWAY!
    GO AWAY!
    GO AWAY!
    GO AWAY!
    GO AWAY!
    GO AWAY!
    GO AWAY!
    GO AWAY!
    GO AWAY!
    GO AWAY!

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  5. To Democrats are heathens — Kind of the wrong message board for your tirade — this is a gossip column – save it for a political blog!!!!!

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  7. who is eva longeria? I have never heard of this gitl? is she on TV? Do you have any news on betty white?

  8. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tony dumped her. She was always all over him like a cheap suit. He probably felt like she was suffocating him. She seems so needy. That’s the impression I got from just viewing pictures of them. The fact that she tattoed his initials in a place where only he could see, c’mon, how much more hard-up can you come across???

  9. Dear Eva,
    My heart goes out to you – anyone who has ever been in love, and may have made mistakes or none at all, to see it end is a terrible thing. Find your strength and always beleive that your true joy will come.

  10. From what I hear she dumped Tony and is now hooked up with Lance Armstrong. Just remember Eva what he did to
    poor Cheryl he’ll probably do to you too.

  11. She’s not a bit heartbroken. Anyone who thinks that is very mistaken. The minute she met Lance she dropped Tony like a hot potato.

  12. Who in the hell is Ken Paves? Why should anyone give a damn about Eva Longoria? She says she doesn’t want to be in a TV show after Housewives- guess what- we don’t want her to either. I’ve never even seen Housewives and some how I don’t think my life is deprived.

  13. Guess what “ALL GOSSIP BLOGGERS”- speak for yourself and not anyone else. You are an ignorant, jacked up fool

  14. Ms Crow spells her first name with an “S” not with a “C” as some asswipe wrote it.
    Good God, I must have stumbled onto the retard/retread network.
    can i buy a weave here?

  15. Any 30-something chick who is dating a 20-something should KNOW it ain’t going to last. A young guy with an older woman is 99% of the time just looking for something easy and/or short-term or, worse yet, hasn’t grown-up and is looking for a mommy.
    Tony Whatshisface will move on and eventually find a more age-appropriate woman with whom to settle down. Eva was just a temporary playmate.

  16. i am also tired of miss thang(in her mind at least)
    i also have never seen Desparate Housewives…did u see her without makeup??

  17. Well, I like Eva she’s the reason to watch DH. If she wasn’t worth writing about there wouldn’t have been 17 messages here before mine.

  18. ya’ll all r mean….eva longeria is a nice person….and i love her show….ya’ll need 2 stop drinkin that hatorade!and go somewhere and get a life while u’re @ it!gosh!

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