It’s IMPOSSIBLE to ignore Growing Pains star Kirk Cameron’s shocking behavior! We were flabbergasted, when in the middle of a raging pandemic (especially virulent in Los Angeles) Kirk Cameron organized yet ANOTHER mask-optional singalong protest against coronavirus restrictions! Actor-turned-evangelist Cameron is not the same since he became a born-again Christian at the age of 17. It happened when Growing Pains was very popular and Kirk started complaining about “inappropriate story lines.” He offended just about everyone on his show with his anti-science, anti-evolution, and anti-gay views. No surprise his career fizzled. Now he uses what’s left of his fame to host super-spreader events outside and in churches. He passionately believes he is smarter than the rest of us.

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  1. Lipp,

    I tried to be polite but you obviously don’t understand polite.

    You are a boorish, holier-than-thou ego maniac.
    NO!!!! We don’t agree with you. You do nothing but call people names and act like a 3rd grader.

    Perhaps you don’t understand that instead of persuading us, we laugh at you. You are just like the kooky neighbor that people avoid.

    You are abnormally obsessed with shaming people. You are rigid and mean and hateful. So, just know that each time you write some diatribe excoriating others, we laugh and move on. You might be stuck in your twisted head, but we aren’t.

    Maybe getting a life or a friend might help your dour disposition. Unless you sign my paycheck or are one of my parents, your crazy ass opinions means SQUAT to me. Ciao!

  2. Ignorance is bliss which may explain why you are laughing and seem so amused. Listen. We are in the worst pandemic in generations. People, like 3,000 or more a day, are dying painful, lonely and horrible deaths. We have food lines longer than during the depression because people cannot find jobs and Trump Administration fails to help those in need in times of crises. Yet, you mock me while you ignore what is actually happening in your backyard. True, I am calling out the stupidity of the comments cited here. I’d rather do that than ignore the damage those comments can do to those that read them and may believe they are true. You, sir, are the real villain. You just don’t like admitting it to yourself.

  3. lipp no one is dying. you are being lied too. they are labeling Motorcycle deaths as “covid related”. it’s rubbish. the old people are dying of flu. it happens, they have weak immune systems.

  4. Thank you for your support, Lippp.
    You can rely on me to make China great again.

  5. 343,182 Americans dead from the Trump Virus. And counting. While the orange moron changes his diapers in the Oval Office restroom before jetting off to play golf.

  6. Covid= Great reset aka Agenda 21. If you don’t this you’re a moron and will get the enslavement you deserve.

  7. To NO ONE DIED OF COVID Front Page of The Daily Mirror. Luke Letlow, Louisiana House Representative, to be sworn in this Sunday, family man with two young children and a lovely wife, 41 with no pre existing conditions, died yesterday of COVID Just diagnosed a week ago, tweeted he was quarantining and feeling symptoms but doing OK. Dead. When campaigning did not wear masks constantly especially when greeting and meeting voters.

    This is a stark example of a high profile person but there are thousands upon thousands. It is predicted January will be horrific with new infections and deaths.

    And you continue to put your fingers in your ear and deny reality. Shame on you. And all of you on this site who do the same.

  8. Lippp. You seem to have all the answers here.
    Explain this to readers, please.
    Why are infection rates climbing in areas with mask mandates?
    Let’s see if you can bully your way through this one with the wrong answer, again?

  9. Patrick, I do have the answers when I look up reliable, objective resources, apparently unlike your

    FOX NEWS, you know Trump’s “go to” for propaganda, on October 28th “Mask Mandates lead to lower rates of coronavirus, hospitalizations, Vanderbilt researcher find”.

    Now, Patrick it is already establish you fabricate (ie LIE). You said you done with this site, not true ’cause you just proved you don’t and you refuse to divulge what kind of “front line worker ” you are and what hospital. General information you should be willing to do, but, of couree, you cowardly don’t.

    The real question here is why are you denying the obvious. People are dying horrible deaths due to a highly contagious virus. Yet you irrationally don’t want to see it. That’s not rational. But most Trumpsters are not.

  10. Patrick, first put some facts on the table. Specifically, what areas are infectious rates rising with mask mandates? Cite your source. AND compare those areas with areas without!!

    Come on, show us you are not a total loser and you have SOMETHING, no matter how inaccurate, to base your baseless comment.

    Oh, and actress who played Mary Ann, from Gilligan’s Island, just succumbed to COVID.

  11. Answer to your first question.
    Most large Democrat cities.
    How did China stop the virus in its tracks by April? Easy to look up.
    Can you trust your civilian populations to wear effective and clean face coverings in public? What are the inherent risks with non N 95 masks and the virus? Easy to look up.
    Do you trust the people in line at Costco, AIRPORTS, transit to be wearing clean and effective face covering?
    What are medical practitioners told on day 1 about the usage and effectiveness of face coverings when treating patients? Easy to look up.
    Do you wear a clean and effective face covering every day? Of course you do!
    But what about everyone else?
    How many times a day are you hit over the head everyday by the media with, change your mask.
    Watch the news for a full day and report back how often this most important of details is not reported.
    Now go stand in line at Costco with all those people wearing cool designer masks which they’ve been wearing everyday since June. Breath deep the air as you walk through their air with your very effective mask.
    Have a good day, buddy.
    I’m a Ginger guy.

  12. Patrick,

    Most democratic cities? Uh, Florida is raging with COVID as is the midwest.

    Fact is you have no facts. The only reason I take time I can never get back responding to your ignorance is that ignorance is dangerous. Others, like you, commenting here, are misleading.

    In any case, all one has to do is read your posts, your ignoring responding with objective facts when called out, to get a picture of what people like you are like. Thankfully, there are many more people in this country who discount what you say.

  13. My info is undeniable.
    You just choose to disregard it because you are an ugly, dirty stupid person who is an ugly dirty wheelchair who is perpetually angry at the human race. It’s not our fault you are the way you are.
    Now flail away, dummy.

  14. Patrick, your info. IS deniable. You have no objective facts that are sourced. So resort to name calling.

    What does the fact I use a wheelchair have to do with anything? Grasping for straws while you display lowlife behavior.

    Shame on you.

  15. You started the name calling with anyone who challenged you.
    You are a fat little head with a fat, dirty little body in a dirty little wheelchair. You type with a stick in your mouth and your caretakers hate you. (see what happens when you give up compromising information on the internets?!}
    No man has ever touched you or ever will because you look like a Star Trek monster.
    Your neighbours hate you and your parents abandoned you when you were young. Any family you have remaining despises you and you never see them. But you are the victim, Right?!
    Breathe deep and have a good day.

  16. Patrick,

    You were called out and exposed as a liar and ignorant. You can’t back your illogical and false comments so you attack with childish insults.

    Not much to you is there,Patrick. Hot Air. Nothing more.

  17. You’re just another nasty troll no one likes.
    Probably the dumbest one I’ve encountered.
    Flail away.

  18. Luke Letlow died of heart disease not Covid. Something you can easily find out on duckduckgo. Doctors are being forced to Lie and label everything from cancer deaths to car accidents as “covid deaths”.

  19. I wonder if Dawn Wells suffered from anxiety through her life always being compared to Ginger? This would probably exacerbate her other pre co-morbidities. Like age and that awful cookbook she put out with coconut creme pies and such. You could just tell by looking at her there was some kind of father issue thing going on. I dunno. Just spit balling here.
    R.I.P. Mary Ann.
    Tina’s the last.

  20. Hogwash. Good name for you. Letlow’s Campaign Manager verified Letlow succumbed to COVID. But like a good Trumpster you know better, right? What the hell is wrong with you people.

  21. What exactly is a Trumpster? I have never voted. Don’t care. I just know bullshit when I see it. there is something seriously wrong with you. you’re like those people in 1936 Germany who thought it was some great thing when the government ordered them to wear an arm band.

  22. Liuppp?
    You you can’t even spell your name right!?
    How are we supposed to believe anything you say?!
    How ridiculous. You bring no facts. Everything you say is false. You refuse to look at the facts. Orange man won. And you know it.

  23. Patrick, cut the immature, insulting comments. You have nothing to offer. No facts.

    If you are indeed “front line worker” in a hospital you need to be fired. No way should someone as ignorant of the facts of COVID should be allowed within 10 feet of a hospital or clinic.

    10,000 people in the last 10 days have died of COVID!!! These people were alive when you telling readers here there was no serious risk of the the virus. Shame of you.

  24. Patrick.

    That is 10,000 people IN THE LAST THREE DAYS !!!! But, hey, you don’t care. It hasn’t affected you —YET. See Herman Cain, fool.

  25. Hmmm?
    No one in the hospital with covid here? Or flu?
    Should we panic?

  26. Patrick, which hospital? Come on show us you are not a liar. I’ll gladly research what COVID conditions are there and report back with documentation who I talked with.

    Somehow, I don’t think you will tell us. The more you comment the more out of touch with reality you prove you are.

    You insult and demean people with disabilities and work in the medical field??? Don’t think so. Funny though, your crass ignorance reveals you are actually significantly disabled and you need help.

  27. Should I give you my superiors phone number, Lippp?
    Oh wait? They don’t talk to crazy foreigners!

  28. No, Patrick

    Just the hospital.

    And where it is located.

    Come on, Patrick, man up, show us you are not a coward or a liar. Tell us where you work on the front line so I can verify, as you claim, COVID is not a crises there.

    You won’t. LOL

  29. Can you bump yourself over to the potty like a big girl?
    Or are you one of the ones that has to wear a diaper?

  30. Patrick, read your last comment. A third grader could do better. Like a true Trumpster, no facts, lies, attack and insult. You have nothing else. Nothing. Sad person. Very sad.

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