Well that was fast! On June 10 we reported that Suri Cruise was thinking of following in the footsteps of another nepo baby, Brad Pitt’s daughter Shiloh, and ditching her father’s last name. As soon as she turned 18, Shiloh legally changed her last name to Jolie. Suri recently turned 18 and according to People magazine (see link) is listed in her graduation program as Suri Noelle. My source reveals that Suri is using her own funds to start the legal process of changing her middle name, Noelle, into her last name. She figured taking her famous mom, Katie Holmes’ last name, wouldn’t give her any anonymity. Remember dear reader, we had this scoop FIRST and it took two 2 weeks for the other celebrity outlets to catch up!


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  1. It seems that boasting is a mortal sin. For it is written (Proverbs 28:25): “He that boasteth, and puffeth himself, stirreth up quarrels.”

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