On June 16 we had the exclusive scoop that Donald Trump was staying in Chicago and NOT in Milwaukee during the upcoming Republican National Convention. Two days later, none other than ABC NEWS confirmed our scoop from MULTIPLE SOURCES! (See link below) Unlike ABC NEWS, we didn’t need multiple sources since our source is THAT good. Once ABC reported on our scoop, the Trump campaign was quick to deny it because they realized the optics looked terrible. Our source says that persnickety Donald is scheming for a way to get out of spending any nights in Milwaukee but if he is forced to, he plans on bringing his own linens and pillows to the less than 5-star hotels the city offers.


Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA

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2 thoughts on “WE TOLD YA SO!

  1. Nice job Janet!
    (Bragging about your achievements, personal qualities, experiences and possessions can have a negative impact on your relationships. While it’s okay to talk about these things, you need to be sure to do it in a way that doesn’t make others feel insignificant.)

  2. That is so weird, considering his daily diet consists of junk food that has been handled by who knows. Hope someone spits in his order

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