It pays to be nice to Taylor Swift. Ever since she started dating Travis Kelce, Taylor has become part of the WAGS (wives and girlfriends) of the Kansas City Chiefs. Even though the wives and girlfriends get tickets to the away games, they don’t travel with the team and have to arrange their own transportation. Taylor has bonded with many of the group, including Brittany Mahomes and since she has her own private jet, she flies some of the WAGS with her to games. According to our source, when Taylor first started attending games some of the WAGS weren’t so welcoming -so needless to say they’re still flying commercial and not on Taylor’s jet!

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA Taylor and Brittany (in white coat) and other friends partying in NY

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  1. Nice to see promiscuous Taylor taking the global climate warming so seriously.
    She really does care about other issues than extracting money from her fans.

  2. That looks like Selena Gomez on the right.

    Taylor is very generous with her money.

  3. Brittany has access to private planes so she doesn’t need Taylor’s jet

  4. The new flavor of the month, she acts like the World revolves around her, she is another Madonna, Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson, on & on, in a period of time someone will replace this month’s flavor. Then Football will be back to what’s on the field & not in her Box!!

  5. By the way, Taylor there is no Global Warming, it’s a Lie, told over & over, to extract Money from the Public, put restrictions on the Masses, and enforce you’re New World Order Agemda, Wakeup!!

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