What Happened?


Okay, something is VERY strange about the fact that Britney Spears’ sons Jayden, 15, and Sean, 16, did NOT attend their mother’s wedding. Britney’s lawyer offered the lame excuse that they were taken by surprise because the event was so sudden, and they “didn’t want to steal the spotlight from their mom” on the big day. (We imagined that Britney would have been very civilized and invited her ex Kevin Federline and his wife with their two boys.) She did NOT. Did the boys REALLY think THEY would steal attention from Britney when she had people like Madonna, Drew Barrymore, Paris Hilton, Selena Gomez etc at the ceremony? We think NOT. Something is very wrong between Britney and her sons – do they NOT like her new husband? Anything is possible- except that weak excuse…

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA-  Jayden, Sean, Britney and Sam Asghari at Lakers game 2017


A full-figured Russell Crowe showed up in Rome for a festive event involving his 2000 epic Gladiator. While the movie was projected on a big screen, a symphony orchestra played the Oscar nominated score. A nice way to spend a summer evening. Russell, 54, has changed a LOT since he made that movie, but he seems unconcerned. The bushy gray beard isn’t helping his looks any – he’s certainly hiding any indication that he was once a hot guy. Maybe his divorce made him less concerned about his looks (?) – or maybe that old adage applies – his condition is the result of having money and too much free time…

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA