Until Jennifer Lopez spent the weekend with Ben Affleck, Bill Gates divorcing his wife Melinda was the most startling “couples” story. Rumors of infidelity surfaced and we were surprised to learn that Bill Gates did a lot of carousing in his youth. Biographies written about Gates revealed that he was not just a computer nerd – he was also a playboy bachelor. Bill liked to have nude swimming parties in the indoor pool he had in his home. To liven things up, Bill would also hire strippers from Seattle to join his friends in the pool. Gates’ early womanizing also put a strain on his budding relationship with his wife-to-be Melinda. When he was out of town he was known to hit on female journalists who covered Microsoft for the industry. Bill and Melinda actually broke up for a year early in their relationship when he avoided making a commitment. After 7 years of dating, they finally wed in 1994. Now their kids are grown up, and Bill and Melinda seem happy to be going their separate ways.

Photo: Bill and Melinda in the early 90’s