Paula Abdul’s sexual harassment lawsuit against her former coworker and friend, Nigel Lythgoe is making headlines as the two engage in back and forth of he said /she saids. Here’s what we know: The two had a major falling out prior to Paula filing her lawsuit and behind closed doors a settlement conference is already in the works. Our source says this will never go to trial and that it will likely be gone from the news cycle by the summer, since neither wants their dirty laundry aired in public. From what we hear, both sides have enough dirty laundry to open a dry cleaners!

Ben Affleck and his ex-wife Jennifer Garner were spotted together at Disneyland without their current significant others to celebrate their son Samuel’s birthday, and it raised a few eyebrows. Here’s the scoop: Ben and  wife Jennifer Lopez and Garner and her main squeeze, John Miller, celebrated Samuel’s birthday TOGETHER with dinner and cake at Garner’s house after the Disney outing. Our source says all four adults have developed a friendship and there’s no hard feelings between Affleck and Garner. Ben is pals with John and the two Jennifers have developed a bond. This is co-parenting at its finest.

Nikki Haley suspended her presidential campaign the day after Super Tuesday, but what she did NOT do is endorse her fellow Republican Donald Trump. Here’s why: Nikki deplores Trump’s misogynistic ways and while she’s a fan of most of his policies, she finds him repulsive as a human being (and we use that term loosely). Here’s some inside scoop: Before Nikki caves to pressure and endorses Trump she has a top secret call scheduled with President Joe Biden. Our source says that Biden is prepared to offer Nikki a role in his cabinet, or her former UN position, if she endorses him instead!

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If she could turn back time, Cher might have taken a stricter approach raising her allegedly troubled 47 year old son Elijah Blue. But that’s not an option, so she’s doing the next best thing – rewriting her will! Cher was unsuccessful in her recent court battle to be named Elijah’s conservator, so now she’s making sure any money he might inherit from her estate won’t go directly to him. Although Elijah’s dad, Gregg Allman, left him a trust when he passed away in 2017, it’s a pittance compared to Cher’s net worth. Given his struggles with sobriety, Cher is deciding what -if anything- to leave her son. One thing is for certain, even if she decides to keep him in her will, Elijah will never have direct access to one cent of her money!

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Not only is Tom Brady’s oldest son, 16-year-old Jack, following in his father’s footsteps on the football field, but he’s also following in his mother’s on the runway.  Jack’s mom is former model turned actress Bridget Moynahan and according to a fashion insider, the photogenic teen is being wooed by top modeling agencies and fashion designers to appear in ads.  Jack’s former stepmom, supermodel Gisele Bundchen is helping the teen navigate the modeling world.  Our source says you’ll be seeing a lot more of born-lucky Jack in upcoming ads for potential clients like Ralph Lauren.


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Rod Stewart can’t help but laugh at the height difference between him and his 17 year old son Alastair. Actually, Rod is a perfectly acceptable 5’10,” so Alastair must be quite tall. Obviously Alastair got his height from his mom, Rod’s model wife Penny Lancaster, who is 6 feet tall. Most of Rod’s kids (he has 8 – with 5 different women) are taller than him because most of his ex-wives and girlfriends happen to be models. Alastair already has a modeling career of his own in progress…

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Clueless star Alicia Silverstone, 45, seems to take great care of her dogs- she’s frequently seen walking them in the Hollywood Hills. It’s her parenting methods that have never ceased to amaze us. When her son Bear was a baby, Alicia used to chew his vegetarian meals FOR him and spit the food into his mouth, like a bird does. She insists it’s a very “natural“ thing to do. In 2020, when Bear was 9, Alicia revealed that she and her long-haired Bear took baths together. THAT was a difficult mental picture. Now Bear is 11, and Alicia recently confessed that she and her son still SLEEP together. We can’t help but wonder what this is doing to Bear- do his friends make fun of him? Does he HAVE friends?

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Who knew that A&E channel had a TV series called Adults Adopting Adults? Seems implausible, but it’s true. We only learned about it because Zsa Zsa Gabor’s ninth and final husband Frederic von Anhalt, 77, was chosen to appear on the show and adopt an adult son. Frederic says he has no heirs and wanted someone “to carry on the family name, inherit his possessions, and care for him as he grows older.“ Yes, this whole situation sounds questionable, especially since the “son” is a good looking 27 year old. A&E has had some idiosyncratic shows (Hoarders, Intervention, etc) but this is one we must see to believe…

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA – Frederic and “son” Kevin Feucht in Beverly Hills


We happened to see a photo of Ryan O’Neal limping in Beverly Hills and suddenly realized we’d heard nothing about what was going on with his son with Farrah FawcettRedmond O’Neal. (Farrah died in 2009) It’s a sad story. Redmond had a tumultuous life of drugs, rehab, and arrests, starting in his teens. In 2018, he was arrested for a violent crime spree – he robbed a 7-Eleven at knifepoint and stabbed five random people who made eye contact with him on the street. In 2019 he was dubbed “incompetent to stand trial” and transferred to the state mental hospital in Norwalk, where he was diagnosed with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and antisocial personality disorder. He’s 37 now and his future looks uncertain…

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Chloe Sevigny doesn’t need a mask to go undercover in New York – we’re so used to seeing her blonde that we didn’t recognize her with dark hair. She took her little boy Vanja to the playground and blended right in with the other moms. Back in the 90’s, Chloe, now 47, was the It Girl and compared to a real-life Carrie Bradshaw because she was so off-the-wall fashionable and just plain cool. She was also noted for her sometimes startling underground movies. (Boys Don’t Cry etc) In 2020 she married Serbian art gallery director Sinisa Mackovic and she gave birth to their son Vanja a few months later. Chloe can next be seen in the Amazon Prime series The Girl from Plainville.

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Interesting how Arnold Schwarzenegger works out with his kids. Yesterday he had a bike ride with his son Patrick and today he rode with his son Joseph Baena. Joseph is Arnold’s lovechild with his housekeeper Mildred Baena and the cause of his split with Maria Shriver. Ironically, Joseph is the son who most resembles his father and wants to follow in his footsteps as a bodybuilder and actor, although he does have a business degree from Pepperdine Univ. Baena would love to have a relationship with Arnold’s other kids, but so far, no luck.

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Talk about celebrities with lookalike kids…Jessica Simpson’s little boy Ace is a dead ringer for his mom! The family just celebrated Ace’s seventh birthday and Jessica obviously adores him. She posted a LONG list of his assets under this photo, which included describing Ace as “a gentle force of nature, observant, hilarious, compassionate, athletic, nurturing,” and so on. Quite a list for a seven year old!