Ron Carlson


How quickly this relationship degenerated from playful and fun to a restraining order! Selma Blair and her boyfriend Ron Carlson have been very public with their relationship for YEARS – granted, it’s been off and on, but he stuck by her through her devastating MS diagnosis and subsequent adjustments. Recently Selma acquired her new service dog Scout who responds to her every need – could he have contributed to this disastrous split? It’s definitely a “He Said She Said” situation with both Selma and Ron charging the other with violence and denying their own. It’s a sad way to break up….

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA


Selma Blair is amazing in more ways than one. She managed to switch boyfriends in the middle of a pandemic AND a health crisis! Two years ago, Selma was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and her boyfriend at that time was Australian actor David Lyons. He was very supportive during her chemotherapy when she lost her hair, and sweet and helpful when she had trouble walking. In December, Selma started wearing a diamond ring and everyone assumed she was engaged to David. In March, she was seen arm in arm with a guy and both were wearing masks – it was assumed that the guy was David, and several websites and magazines identified him as such. But in fact, it turned out Selma and David had split, and she had gone back to a former boyfriend, actor/producer Ron Carlson. (David and Ron DO kinda look alike) Selma and Ron have been a happy couple ever since!

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA