JD Vance


Good gossip is good gossip and as you know, we sometimes share juicy political scoops. Ohio Senator JD Vance embarrassed himself during a recent ABC interview when he stated he would NOT have certified the election if HE were the VP at that time. Who can forget the January 6 riots when the Capital was stormed because then VP Mike Pence did the right thing and certified the results, declaring Joe Biden the winner. According to our DC insider, JD is working overtime to brownnose up to Trump, and his ABC interview was part of his plan. Our source says that he’s planning to make more and more outlandish statements like that in hopes of getting Trump to appoint his as Vice President. My source also says he’s boasting to “anyone who will listen” that he’s planning to spend time with Trump at Mar-a-Lago this winter. We hate to break it to JD, but unless he plans on transitioning into a female, he won’t be Trump’s VP. Now here’s the real scoop:  During a recent conference call with mega donors ( think MILLIONS) Trump let it slip that he is picking a WOMAN to be his running mate…