It’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind and that’s exactly what Chrissy Teigen did. We had the exclusive scoop about Chrissy and John Legend‘s wedding renewal ceremony in Lake Como, writing about it days before TMZ, People and Page 6. Our well-informed source blabbed about Chrissy’s plan to wear a RED gown to the renewal ceremony even though she instructed all of her guests to wear black and white – so SHE would really stand out. At the last minute, Chrissy realized it might NOT be a great idea. The LAST thing she wanted was to face any backlash because she was ALMOST canceled when some of her past tweets resurfaced. Long story short, Chrissy opted to play it safe and wore the black gown she packed as a back up. Smart move. The good news is she’s keeping the red gowns so you’ll see her as the lady in red in the future.


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The Reservoir Dogs star arrived for his hand and footprint ceremony at the Chinese Theater and very few people showed up (Covid?) to watch. Madsen had two men helping him walk to the microphone and he appeared to be roaring drunk. He rambled hoarsely about how he “hit his head” and just got out of the hospital so he almost didn’t make it. Then he noticed his wife DeAnna siting in the sparse audience and he looked pleasantly surprised. He apologized to her for “all the bad things that happened in the last few days” said “I’m glad you’re here” and told her he loved her. Two guys helped him stagger over to the square of wet concrete and with their help, he signed and added his handprints. DeAnna was pulled over to pose with him for photos, but when the event ended they appeared to go their separate ways. Looks like she has to put up with a lot…

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Jennifer Aniston fans needn’t bother looking for her hand and footprints in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theater despite the fact that she had a ceremony there in July. The theater owners have increased the number of celebrity handprint ceremonies each year and they’ve run out of space. Fans of Old Hollywood are outraged because Tom Cruise is next to Marilyn Monroe. When Alvin and the Chipmunks had a ceremony, there were MANY complaints from film buffs. Nowadays, having a ceremony doesn’t mean your prints will be installed in the coveted forecourt of the theater. Jennifer’s cement block along with Mickey Rourke’s and many others are in limbo. The theater owners are mulling future placement.