Alia Shawkat


You may not recognize this actress in her 1950’s wardrobe, but she abruptly became famous because she was seen in the company of Brad Pitt. She’s Alia Shawkat, and it turned out she and Brad are just friends, but it put her on the map. Alia is costarring in the Lucille Ball film (with Nicole Kidman) now called Being the Ricardos for Amazon. She plays Madelyn Pugh Davis. Madelyn and Bob Carroll Jr were the writers of the entire I Love Lucy 180 episode series. Madelyn was one of VERY few female writers in Hollywood – certainly it was her female point of view that made Lucille Ball so funny. Let’s face it, female writers are BETTER at writing female characters. Leave it to writer/director Aaron Sorkin to acknowledge the importance of these comedy writers.

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Remember Alia Shawkat? She’s the 31 year old Arrested Development actress (also an artist) who was seen in the company of Brad Pitt a few times. Everyone assumed it was his first romance after divorcing Angelina Jolie and made a big deal out of it, but it turned out they were just friends. Brad was recently linked to a German model, Nicole Poturalski, 27, but apparently the relationship has already fizzled. We’re betting Brad has no intention of being linked to ANYONE until his custody battle with Angelina is settled (he wants 50-50 custody of the kids) – she’s been dragging it out, and the LAST thing he wants to do is make her angry.

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA


Listen, times are tough in the gossip world – many celebrities are isolating, so all we see are the occasional masked celeb at a supermarket or bike riding. Gossip is HARD to find! So we’re not surprised that Us Weekly has devoted their last few issues to a new Brad Pitt “romance.” He’s been spending time with actress/artist Alia Shawkat, 31, who happens to live ten minutes from his home in Los Feliz – she’s been seen biking to his house. Alia was on the series Arrested Development, and has even had her art shown in Paris. They both share an interest in art, architecture, and film, and they have FUN together. Mutual friends in the art world introduced them, and sources INSIST they are just friends. Why do we believe they are just pals? Brad has always been attracted to beautiful women – whether they were actresses or waitresses. Alia is cute, but her buzz cut and baggy clothing indicate she is NOT on a man-hunt. Also, she says she is bisexual, and her best friend is Ellen Page. Odds of this relationship turning romantic are slim, but never say never…