No WONDER Dave Navarro became so indignant when we tastefully revealed the upcoming winner of Rockstar Supernova! He personally attacked this website and now we know why. It’s because everyone on the set of Supernova has been accusing each other of leaking the winner’s name! Lots of backstage drama while they try to sleuth out the culprit. Many accusing fingers have been pointing at Dave. We think Navarro might be feeling just a teensy bit GUILTY because he has a big mouth – we’ve heard he leaked the winner to a certain late night talk show host who has been blabbing the news all over town!

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  1. Well Tommy since YOU are one of the people in charge of Rockstar:SN…YOU obviously have a major say in who won…and its obvious that you wanted a “Mini-Lee” as the advertisement goes..and that’s exactly what you got…a “Mini-Lee” and I DO mean god..those songs Lukas sung at the end of the finale SUCKED BIG TIME..MY GOD THE GUY CANT SING FOR SHIT…he sung the supernova song that Toby sung with the band..and Toby shitted all over Lukas’s pathetic attempt..YOU GONNA BE PLAYING TO EMPTY HOUSES YOU LOT..YOU LISTENED TO TOMMY..YOU LET HIM CHOOSE LUKAS AND NOW YOU GONNA ALL BURN IN HELL FOR ANOTHER DUMB MISTAKE OF HIS..ADD IT TO ALL THE OTHER STUPID THINGS HE HAS DONE IN HIS PATHETIC DRUGGED UP LIFE..AMEN…TOBY IS, WAS AND ALWAYS WILL BE THE BEST LEAD SINGER..A M E N

  2. I don’t know…. I think its highly unlikely there is any truth in what you say about Lukas being the pre-determined winner. In any event, he stood out for me as being the most likely to win based on his stage presence and ability to perform. He was not my personal fav. but I thought he was the right choice for the band.
    I LOVE Dave Navarro. I mean LOVE him. I am a 45 year old professional gal, and I think he rocks. I won’t believe a bad thing about him.

  3. I would have bet my last nickel Lukas would win. It was a no brainer. He fits the ticket like a glove. The others were good he was brilliant. Never lost his cool, stayed focused did’nt bad mouth the others, listened to his peers and now he gets the pay-off. To the ones that dis Lukas. BWAHAHHAHAHA BET YOU WISH YOU WERE HIM TODAY. GO BABY GO.

  4. hm lets see. … lukas was the best from the very beginning, he didnt feel threatened by all the other rockers, and.. EVERY OTHER SINGLE ROCKER was scared of lukas..cuz he owns everybodys faces! get that through ur effin skulls people. oh and yea lukas did win, so boo toby and boo dilana they succk and dilana needs anger management! cuttin peoples heads.. oh PALEEZZ she cant handle bein a rockstar, n she’ll never make it. lukas won. canada rocks. u can all blow me. FUCK ALL THE HATERS!!! lukas won, HAR HAR HAR in ur faces bitchs!!!
    Ummm exactly HOW was he the best from the beginning? He sounded like he needed to take a crap, the guys a little Good Charlotte wannabe and doesnt even have the talent for those bunch of wankers.

  5. Are you kidding me?! Lukas is a complete joke. How do I know? Tommy Lee wanted him there-enough said.
    Lukas, and his performances, are boorish, pedantic, plastic and an all-around total snoozefest. Can he posture any more? He is so pretentious-pouting and “emoting”. Is he trying to be Eddie Vedderish, or pass a kidney stone? He is the K-Fed of Rock and Roll.
    I laugh everytime I see him “perform”. Dear God, where did real rock and roll go?
    On the plus side, if Supernova needs promotion, they can team up with McDonald’s. They can make Lukas into a Happy Meal action figure-and it can even be life-size!
    The only bigger joke is Dave Navarro, the king of all that is cheesy, pornish and clownlike. (Sidenote to Dave-just get it over with and come out already.)

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