The mystery of Val Kilmer continues. Kilmer, 57, was photographed this week at the airport being pushed in a wheelchair, with head and shoulders totally covered by a black cloth. (How anyone recognized him is the first mystery.) Christian Scientist Val continues to downplay his health problems (he’s been hospitalized at least 3 times under fake names) although he finally admitted he was “healing” from cancer. Michael Douglas had spilled the beans that Val had the same oral cancer that he did – but implied the prognosis was not great. Val denied it, Michael apologized, but later Val admitted it was true. According to IMBD, Val has movies in progress, but the airport episode makes one wonder… Hopefully, he was hiding from the press because an actress just accused him of hitting her during an audition in the 80’s.
(Above, Val at a Golden Globes party in January)

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI