Plans and schemes


Remember where you read this, because it won’t happen until Travis Kelce retires from professional football. My well placed source reveals that Travis’ long term plan is to play for the Kansas City Chiefs a few more years and then, of course, focus on a career in Hollywood. But that’s only half the story. Travis’s dream is to become a part owner of an NFL team and since his expected future-wife, Taylor Swift, is a multi-billionaire, they’ve already agreed to make that goal a part of their future. As my source puts it, Taylor’s 10-year plan is to get married, have a few kids and then retire from performing, so co-owning an NFL team with her husband fits perfectly into her plan.

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA Taylor and Travis onstage in London

Rosie Rat Pack

It happened in1998: Rosie O Donnell has decided she and her pal Madonna should team up in Las Vegas as the female version of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. Or is it Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis? Whatever – Rosie reasons that since Madonna became a mom she doesn’t like touring, but still loves performing. Las Vegas is the perfect solution. Rosie can tell the jokes and Madonna can sing. Rosie’s been looking for a way to make it up to Madonna since backing out of their planned movie “Chicago,” and this brilliant idea might smooth things over. So far, Madonna’s not interested.

Millenium Angel

2000: Marie Osmond probably doesn’t know it but Patsy Ramsey had a bone to pick with her! Patsy saw Marie on TV peddling her doll collection and one of the dolls, the millenium angel, is a dead ringer for Patsy’s late daughter Jon Benet! Ironically, at one time Patsy considered launching a Jon Benet doll but her husband John vetoed the idea. Now patsy’s outraged and she tried to call the show to complain to Marie but she couldn’t get through.

For the Record

Also in 1997, Pam Anderson had an offer to record a dance album in Europe. She was inspired by the fact that her former costar David Hasselhoff is a big recording star abroad. The bad news is that her producer Frank Farrian is the same guy who had the dubious honor of inventing Milli Vanilli!

Michael wants to clone himself

1998: Attention Michael Jackson! Cloning expert Richard Seed PHD is trying to find you! A few months ago we revealed that Michael is looking for a European doctor to clone him. Physicist Richard Seed recently started a furor when he announced that he wants to go into the cloning business and claims he’s two years away from producing a human clone. “Humans are easier to clone than animals” he says. The Chicago fertility expert needs money to start his foundation and feels Michael Jackson would be the perfect investor because he has such a personal interest in cloning. We can’t help but wonder – isn’t ONE Michael Jackson enough?