Peggy Sue Got Married


We came across this photo of young Nicolas Cage and Jim Carrey on Instagram and realized it was from a 1986 film we loved – Peggy Sue Got Married. (Named after the Buddy Holly song) Kathleen Turner starred as a woman about to be divorced who faints at her 25 year high school reunion and wakes up in 1960 when she was a high school senior. (This was filmed before Kathleen got that deep voice) Frances Ford Coppola directed the sweet and adorable story and he urged his nephew Nicolas Cage to play the part of Kathleen’s HS sweetheart. Cage’s performance can only be described as weird, but Kathleen got an Oscar nomination. Years later, when Kathleen wrote her autobiography she admitted that she wasn’t fond of Cage and accused him of having two DUIs and kidnapping a chihuahua while filming Peggy Sue. Outraged, he denied all and took her to court and won the case – she had to publicly apologize!