Parking Meter


A paparazzi and longtime friend of ours, Gary Lewis, is coming out with a fabulous book (He has GREAT celebrity photos and stories) and we happened to snag these two photos of young Madonna. Back in the late 80’s, Madonna worked out feverishly at Jane Fonda’s Workout four times a week, and she ALWAYS got parking tickets because she never fed the meter! Finally her manager Freddy DeMann became furious because she was wasting thousands of dollars on tickets plus penalties and interest. He insisted she start putting money in the meters. Photographer Gary caught her nonchalantly taking tickets off her windshield and later putting money in the meters. Madonna usually exercised way too long and the meters expired anyway. She was always nice to Gary, so he often put change in the meter for her. Eventually Madonna got tired of her manager’s complaints and she solved the problem by “stealing” his assistant away and hiring her to be her personal driver. So no more parking problems.

(We almost forgot how young and innocent Madonna looked in those days…)