Nigel Lythgoe


Paula Abdul’s sexual harassment lawsuit against her former coworker and friend, Nigel Lythgoe is making headlines as the two engage in back and forth of he said /she saids. Here’s what we know: The two had a major falling out prior to Paula filing her lawsuit and behind closed doors a settlement conference is already in the works. Our source says this will never go to trial and that it will likely be gone from the news cycle by the summer, since neither wants their dirty laundry aired in public. From what we hear, both sides have enough dirty laundry to open a dry cleaners!

Ben Affleck and his ex-wife Jennifer Garner were spotted together at Disneyland without their current significant others to celebrate their son Samuel’s birthday, and it raised a few eyebrows. Here’s the scoop: Ben and  wife Jennifer Lopez and Garner and her main squeeze, John Miller, celebrated Samuel’s birthday TOGETHER with dinner and cake at Garner’s house after the Disney outing. Our source says all four adults have developed a friendship and there’s no hard feelings between Affleck and Garner. Ben is pals with John and the two Jennifers have developed a bond. This is co-parenting at its finest.

Nikki Haley suspended her presidential campaign the day after Super Tuesday, but what she did NOT do is endorse her fellow Republican Donald Trump. Here’s why: Nikki deplores Trump’s misogynistic ways and while she’s a fan of most of his policies, she finds him repulsive as a human being (and we use that term loosely). Here’s some inside scoop: Before Nikki caves to pressure and endorses Trump she has a top secret call scheduled with President Joe Biden. Our source says that Biden is prepared to offer Nikki a role in his cabinet, or her former UN position, if she endorses him instead!

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA