Khai Hadid Malik


We happen to think Zayn Malik was drop-dead gorgeous when he was in One Direction– but since he unceremoniously quit, he hasn’t seen any of his former band members – or his barber either! He’s been living as a recluse on that Pennsylvania farm with his almost two year old daughter Khai since he and Gigi Hadid split in Oct 2021. Zayn and Gigi share custody. We used to see Gigi pushing Khai in her stroller around NYC, but she’s been invisible since the split. The parents must have a “no publicity for the baby” agreement so Khai is a recluse like her dad. Meanwhile, Zayn has been growing out his hair (from a shaved head) and he wears it in the style of a surfer (or a homeless person, depending on who’s looking) and now he’s selling sweatshirts and t-shirts to fans with his “art” on them called Paynt by Zayn. You can buy the hoody he’s wearing for $70.

Photo: Instagram