Kelsi Taylor


Just found out how comedian Dane Cook, 50, managed to get engaged to much younger Kelsi Taylor, who is only 23. According to The Daily Mail, a writer named Traci Egan Morrissey researched Cook by closely examining his social media. Tracie discovered that before he got engaged, Dane and his pals around HIS age, used to get together for “game night” parties at his large house, and invite lots of teenage girls (ONLY teenage girls.) There are photos from some of these parties and Kelsi appears in one from 2016 when she was 17. At least one of the girls ID’d at these parties was only 14. Apparently Dane and his middle-aged friends preferred very young females. There was no implication that anything illicit or illegal happened (Dane says he didn’t date Kelsi until she was 18) but it does make you wonder…

Photo: Instagram

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