Edward Fickett


David Spade ALMOST got away with sneaking out of the opening of Catch Steak LA this weekend with a very young and beautiful girl (right behind him.) He’s not the kind of guy to FLAUNT his puzzling success with the female sex, but he continues quietly scoring with women, even though he’s 57 – and 5’7” on a good day. Ex -fling Heather Locklear claimed he is well endowed, but he’s shy and won’t talk about that. His sense of humor has to be a big draw -and he’s an astute businessman. The SNL grad just sold his 6400 sq ft Edward Fickett Trousdale home for $19.5 million (he bought it for 4 million in 2001.) He’s NOT down-sizing- he already moved into his brand new $13.85 million, 11,300 sq ft bachelor pad in the Hollywood Hills.

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA