Deborah Presley Brando


Priscilla Presley was signing copies of her coffee-table book ELVIS BY THE PRESLEYS at a recent event in Los Angeles, when who walked in but Deborah Presley Brando! Deborah is apparently the daughter Elvis had with his first love, Barbara Jean Lewis, when he was starting out in the music business – long before he met Priscilla. Elvis helped Barbara out with some money, but they never married. Priscilla has never really acknowledged Deborah or met her. Deborah has also written a book, MEMOIRS OF A STARSEED CHILD – ELVIS, MARLON, CHRISTIAN, AND ME about HER life without her father and her marriage to Christian Brando. Priscilla’s entourage must have flinched when Deborah appeared at Priscilla’s event, but they allowed her to approach Priscilla. Deborah gave Priscilla a copy of HER book and said “I’ve always wanted to meet you!” To her credit, Priscilla was quite gracious and kind to Deborah. Nice to know the two writers were civil, after all these years…

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA