This rock star claims to be many things – he says he’s a devout Christian, a vegan, and a complete teetotaler – no alcohol, no drugs. But he does have a weakness for pretty woman. One of his former pretty women says he’s a BIG FAKE. She claims that not only does he eat meat and NOT live by Christian values, but he’s a hardcore pill-popper and a member of Narcotics Anonymous. His current girlfriend isn’t complaining – she’s a cokehead and compulsive liar herself.


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  1. Ha ha Ted Nugent isn’t a vegan!!!!! He’s a bonafide hunter who eats his roadkill. Prince is a really good guess.

  2. it’s nicole richie and her madden brother.

  3. Kid Rock isn’t a vegan nor is he a devout Christian. Prince is a good guess, but he’s too under the radar. Do you notice that all of his exes don’t even talk about him publicly??? I don’t think it’s prince. It is Joel Madden and Nicole Richie.

  4. Hmmmm…this is a toss-up? Either Moby or one of the Madden boys fits these clues….The Moby reference with “my weakness”, & his is a renowned vegan. But on the other hand, the liar, cokehead current girlfriend fits Paris, & for that matter Nicole perfectly too. Hope it’s not Moby, he’s far too talented to risk frying his brain…the Madden bros, well, you know……they have hooked up with the skankiest Hollywood fame whores around, so I guess it’s rather fitting – meow!!!!

  5. Andre 3000. I don’t know if he’d be classified as a rock star per se, but the rest of the lifestyle description fits.

  6. Gene Simmons eats meat & is Jewish –
    But Steven Tyler has fallen off the wagon and everyone knows his girlfriend is a coke head
    he has dated many a woman and i am not sure about the devout part .. but he is my guess

  7. I don’t believe that Paris Hilton is a cokehead. She seems to be doing really good.
    And the Madden boys are on tour with Good Charlotte right now, they seem to be functioning very well too. Must be someone else.
    Why doesn’t Janet just come out and say who she means.Geez.

  8. Could be anyone. Most H’wood types have used rec drugs at one time or another. The smart ones do it in their own homes and leave it at that.

  9. surprised noone mentioned either Michael Stipe or Anthony Keidis

  10. however the one i’m very sure it fits is, the Fall out Boy singer,now married to Ashley Simpson..

  11. lenny kravitz has crosses tatooed all over his body. i think he’s labeled himself christian…term used loosely.

  12. Bonos the only teetotal and vegan rock star i can think of offhand but his private life doesnt fit… some good guesses above though… if Madden claims to be its fairly likely to be false given his gf is paris hilton

  13. Prince. He’s know for the gorgeous gf’s he’s had and his song was famously in the movie Pretty Woman. He was named the sexiest vegan by peta, too.

  14. Daniella Lepore? If Jehova’s Witnesses aren’t Christians, what ARE they?
    I say Prince!

  15. Sounds like Anthony Kiedis from RHCP……He claims veganism and Christian values and he’s only been dating models (Jessica Stam, that Heather chick he has the kid with etc)

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